Monday, March 26, 2012

Doxie Boy Twins

With Charlie back in the house, it's almost impossible to tell he and Danny apart.   They look so much alike it's spooky.     It didn't help matters that even before Charlie came back JTK and I would often mistakenly call Danny ... Charlie.  :)   They're both about the same age but they have very different personalities.   Danny is a little more fun loving and carefree where Charlie is more serious and intense.  The one thing they have in common is that they're incredibly beautiful dachshunds. 

We went to the adoption event on Sunday and they are a handful together.   They both get stressed out and then they feed off on each other's stressful energy.   Luckily I had JTK with me or I would have never made it through the few hours we were there.   Isn't that picture of dramatic Danny hilarious?

Charlie looking VERY handsome
Charlie is doing much better - he started perking up as soon as he saw Joey last Tuesday.   Last Monday Joe was at his Dad's house so when Joe came home on Tuesday it was a sweet little reunion.   I've come tot he conclusion that Charlie needs to be in a home with other dogs.  He has done incredibly well with housebreaking since he's been with the other dogs.    Even though he's doing better, he's not fully confident and I think that's causing some behavior issues.    He needs a quiet home, with other dogs and the people definitely need to be savvy about dachshund behavior and attitude.   Dachshunds are truly a unique breed - they're sweet and affectionate but they're also stubborn, overly protective, and incredibly prey driven.    Charlie is being kept with Hopper and Cooper in the area of the house where he can't get near my cat, Roscoe.    Today I came home, after being gone almost 11 hours.   How can a dog hold it that long and yet crap right in front of someone?   Because he was apparently showing his displeasure about something.

Say a little prayer for Suzie tonight.    The past few weeks, her COPD has gotten more noticeable again.   Tonight she doesn't seem quite herself.    She's been lying quietly on a couch pillow all evening - which is a little out of character.   She has eaten snacks and barked a little bit, but she always lies back down. 

Silly Joe with Suzie and Tina's ear :)

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