Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Anubis is a god of Ancient Egypt, a guardian of the dead.  JTK has been obsessed with Egypt for quite a while and I have to admit his fascination with Anubis and Bastet have rubbed off on me.   I was convinced he was going to be an Egyptologist when he grew up except I miscalculated one thing ... dead people.    Joey's not a fan of staring dead people in the eye ... even if they have been dead for thousands of years.   :)    We've buried fish, wild bunnies, wild birds, mice, etc while reading from The Book of the Dead.   Last year, JTK luckily was able to actually visit Egypt with his Dad and Step Mom.   It was definitely a dream come true for him and I'm so happy he got to experience such a wonderful trip - it's not something many people can say they've done.     Right now we're even reading a book about a young girl in the middle of a mystery in Egypt.     It's fun to read because when certain temples are mentioned, Joey knows exactly what they're talking about and he can give me a more detailed explanation wtih some behind the scenese info.   And, yes, we watch The Mummy trilogy repeatedly.  :)   So it would  only makes sense that I would want a Pharaoh Hound.   Aren't they amazing looking?   But they're not a common breed at all and they're too big for my little house.    In the picture below, which I took off the Internet they look like statues don't they?    A very majestic looking species of dogs. 

Ah well, I have my own miniature version of a Pharaoh Hound in the form of TRex.  I try frequently to get pictures of him that remind me of the classic statues of Egypt showing a jackal reclining.    TRex definitely has some Pharaoh Hound in him, doesn't he?    He's still convinced that taking pictures of him is an attempt to steal his soul.   He has some of the sweetest, most expressive looks I've ever seen in a dog.   I was able to snap these two pictures last night while Joey and I were playing Pokemon .... old school card game!   TRex couldn't believe we weren't sitting on the couch with him, giving him an opportunity to sit on a human in whatever way would make them most uncomfortable.  :)    Oh yeah ... we got a new couch off CraigsList - our old one was over 8 years old and pretty shot.   Too bad - it was a great background color for pictures.     Blue will do too, though. 

TRex is doing well.  In fact, he's doing better and better all the time.    He really has found a place here with Joey and I.    I truly don't think anyone would have tolerated his first year.   He really had a lot to learn about being in a home and  around people.   He can still be a little clumsy with his social skills, but that's ok.   We love him just the way he is and we're willing to be patient, gentle and kind in allowing him to continue to learn his way around life not in a puppy mill prison.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tina the Uncooperative Diva

It's so obvious Tina has no patience with me :)
 Last night I spent almost 30 minutes trying to get the perfect picture of Tina to use as the basis for a birthday present for JTK.    I knew exactly what I wanted  but no matter how hard I tried, Tina did the exact opposite.   I wanted to take a sweet picture of her in the grass.    I think there's something so pretty of her black fur that's striking against the pretty and bright green grass.   However, 95% of the time she'd pose perfectly and just as I would snap the pic, she'd look away in her oh so royal manner.  :)    I also wanted to take a picture of her rolling around on her back, because that's one of Joey's favorite sights.    So, I laid her her back, but she insisted on lying  there frozen like she was paralyzed with fear.    Every maneuver I tried, she out maneuvered me!   She snuck to the corner of the yard to do her rooting and rolling on her back show.    But by the time I got over there, she immediately stopped,   flipped up right side and promptly ignored me.     I tried to take a simple picture  of her while she's standing there and she buried her face in the tall grass!   I gave up and decided I would trick her - I walked over to the other side of the yard and decided to wait for her to walk toward me.   What a pretty shot that would be - Tina walking in the grass with the sun shining.    Of course, just as she gets into range of my camera,  she veers  in another direction.   It was actually quite funny - typically Tina.    At one point I actually caught myself saying out loud "Work it Tina, work it!"   Thank goodness nobody was outside to observe me trying to force Tina into being "America's Next Top Dachshund."  :)

Is it me or does she look disgusted ?
 I kept thinking what would I have done if we weren't living in the age of digital film?   Can you imagine how many rolls of 35mm I would have gone through and would have been clueless at how useless most of the shots were? :)    But, Tina was just being classic Tina.    She's really not interested in pleasing me, only Joey.    If I would only do as JTK wants me to - to actually take notes on how to cuddle and adore Tina while he's away.  :)   Maybe then she'd be more cooperative with my picture taking endeavors. 

I did get a few decent shots and sent them to my friends for a vote of which one to use.    My plan was to order a pillow case so Joey can use it at his Dad's house so he will always have Tina by his side to sleep like he does at home.   I got two votes for the belly up shot  and one tongue vote.     I was partial to the "tongue" shot because I'm convinced she was sticking out her tongue at me!  :)   It took me a whole day of thinking of what I was doing wrong but I was finally able to order the gift tonight online.   I'm supposed to have it delivered by July 8th - the day before he turns 13.   Oh my gosh .... I can't even believe my baby boy is 13.   He's older than Suzie and Tina now for a couple of months.  ;)   Isn't it cool to think they were all born in 1998?    Sometimes life happens exactly as it's supposed to.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I got the results back on Jingle and the GREAT but surprising news is her blood work shows absolutely no abnormality.   In fact, the word they used over and over again is that the results were "unremarkable."  In fact,  they even used the same word when they revisited the x-rays.     So, she nearly crashes - has a dramatically high temperature,  loses the use of her hind legs, was completely lethargic and wouldn't eat.    But within  a day and a half she's very nearly recovered and none of her test results show anything out of the ordinary.

When we were in the vet's office Friday night the vet DID keep saying how weird it was and how her symptoms.    When I was talking to them today, they kept pointing out weird it was that she had such a high temperature and even her white blood cell count was normal.     So, after her weird ordeal she's doing really well.   She's a little wobbly, and she's panting a ton from the steroids, but other than that she's doing great.   If you notie in her second picture, she's still having a little bit of a stability issue.   She seems to be having a hard time preventing her little paws from sliding.     However, she is still so much better than she was the other night.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for their sweet words and prayers for Jingle.    I really appreciate it.   Knowing people take a moment out of their day to send wonderful, positive energy our way is really heartwarming.  

She's enjoying the extra special Princess treatment for now.   She is not having to walk outside herself or walk back up the stairs inside.   I've been carrying her to the water bowl, ensconcing her in various rooms to feed her super special wet food.   :)    Like I said, she's pretty pleased with this.   I'm just so glad she's doing better.   I wish I knew what had happened, so that makes it a little scary that it could happen again.   But for today, my little girl is pretty much her silly little self again.

I also got a great email today from Burton's Mom.    Burton is now known as Oscar.    The sweet little doxie that ended up in JCAC and nearly died from parvo is living the high life.   Apparently he just got back from a camping trip in Gulf Shores Alabama.    I was just thinking about him the other day - I still miss that little stinker.   I'm happy he's found a loving home and that's he's bring happiness to the people that are providing him with a wonderful life.   Doesn't he look beautiful?     I couldn't help but shed a few tears thinking about him.    It is so hard to say goodbye to  them but it's all worth it when we hear how happy previous fosters are with their new families.  

Yesterday one of our volunteers, Kathy, said goodbye to a bonded pair of fosters she had for a while.   She had been fostering Temperance and Camille for quite a while and yesterday they were adopted together.    They left a big space in her home and her heart when she went home without them, but they have a great couple they went home with.     We do get happy endings a lot - we just have a little bit of sad emotions on our end to help nudge these sweet little guys to their happy endings.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Sweet Jingie Bear

My little girl, Jingle, is having a very rough time.   I had to take her into the vet the other night for impacted anal glands.    At first I thought she had diarrhea but then I finally took a look at her little bootie and realized she needed to see the vet.   When I called to make an appointment they were skeptical because she wasn't doing the usual biting at her little bum or scooting along the floor.   I was able to convince them it LOOKED bad and they stopped arguing.

So, I take her in Tuesday night and she's acting perfectly Jingle.    I had more than one person comment that she was prancing.    After they examined her they had to express her anal glands and said she had a pretty bad infection.    She was given a steroid shot and sent home with antibiotics.    When I woke up yesterday, she seemed like her backside was hurting her and she wouldn't eat anything.   I had a hard time getting her to take her pill with cheese.

When I got home last night she didn't seem any better and she seemed hot so I made an appointment.  She just kept sitting down and didn't really want to walk around.    On our way to the appointment, she just laid in the passenger seat and didn't have any desire to sit on my lap which is what she usually does.  Once we got there, I had to hold her the whole time.    When I would sit her on the ground, she'd fall back on her rump and then her little front legs would splay out.    She reminded me of a newborn deer on ice.

The vet examined her and her temperature was 104.1 and she immediately noticed her stability issues.   She examined her to see if she had some sort of disease that causes balance issues and found nothing.   She examined her spine and legs and found nothing, so she decided x-rays would hold the answer.    Guess what?   They didn't - she only had some arthritis but that didn't explain the walking issues she's having.    So they decided to take a blood panel and it'll come back in a few days so I'm hoping that will come back with some answers.

The thing that's so weird about this - both of her symptoms should have been taken care of by the treatment she received on Tuesday and the medication she's already on.  If she was already on antibiotics - imagine what her temperature would have been without it.     Plus, if she were having the walking issues due to pain the steroid shot she had on Tuesday should have prevented or alleviated that.    The vet kept saying that the symptoms were "weird" or "confusing" ... that's just a scary thing to hear.  :(

When I came home last night I looked up the normal temp range of a dog and it said if their temp is under 99 or over 104, then it's an emergency situation and the dog has to see a vet immediately.   That's scary.

Jingle came home with a liquid infusion under the skin along with some steroids.   It's very upsetting because it came out of the blue and they seem to have no idea what's going on with her.   I couldn't sleep last night because I was constantly checking on her.   At one point, I woke up and she was on her back and I was terrified because she never sleeps on her back.     I ended up sleeping in until 2:30 today!   I couldn't believe how late I slept, but last night was a restless night.

Send some positive thoughts to my sweetie girl.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

I dread Fathers Day like some singles dread Valentines Day.    I still miss my Dad greatly and I just hate dealing with all the advertisements, cards, and other reminders heading up to the actual day.  I miss spending time with my Dad - and summer time was such a DAD time.  BBQ and baseball.     He was a die hard Cardinals fan and he had weekend season tickets.   I shared many games with him and used to love to tell everyone that my Dad was on a first name basis with the beer guy in his section.  :)   I was (and still am) so pissed that they tore down  old Busch Stadium.     It was totally superior to the new one and held a lot of memories for me.    I took Joey downtown the night they pulled the last few pieces down.   I cried and I was glad my Dad wasn't here to see it.

My Dad was great.   He wasn't perfect, he had many  flaws like we all do.     But when he was around I always felt safe and that all was right with the world.  No matter what was going on; what I was scared of, what I was sad about - I could let it all slip away into my Dad's hands.   He would force the universe to make everything ok for me. 

I almost went to his grave today, but I just couldn't do it.   Some days it comforts me to go there but some days it's too awful.   I haven't been in a while.   He's at Jefferson Barracks and I'm proud to say I can get to his grave without ever stopping at the visitor center to get a map.   When my Dad first died, I was there all the time and then I started taking my Mom.   She made it awful and I quit going to avoid taking her.   Lovely daughter, eh?

My Dad was cremated and sometimes I have dreams that if I can locate all his bones and put his skeleton back together like a puzzle that I can bring him back to life.    Of course, being cremated that's impossible - what a screwed up dream to have.    Too bad my Dad isn't here for me to tell that one to and he could come up with some silly thing to do or say to remind me that I'm taking myself and life far too seriously.

Love and miss you Dad .... Happy Fathers Day

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wieners Wieners EVERYwhere

The Weens
And no I'm thankfully not talking about the disgraced politician from New York.  ;)   Last night JTK and I took Suzie and Tina to a "Cocktail Wiener" party with the Gateway Lo-Downs.   We got to see some of our buddies,  Becky and Elisa, and got to enjoy some time with a ton of dachshunds.   It's one of the funniest sights on the planet to see a bunch of doxies roaming around together.    Suzie and Tina were so worn out after we left even though they didn't frolic too much.     Suzie was insistent on standing next to the snack table, convinced she would get various scraps that fell from people's hands.    She was seriously misinformed, though, because everyone seemed to have a good grip on their yummies.      Tina just stayed by us and only once decided she needed to be on watchdog duty.    

Suzie Front and Center by the Snack Table

This shindig is usually held at Lucky Dog and we had never gone.   But, sadly, my all time favorite dog store is closing at the end of June.    It's so awful - not only do I like the merchandise but I just love the owner Beth Fox and her trusty side kick Boomer.     They're great people, love dogs and are very rescue oriented in special activities they hold at the store.    When I got the email that the store was closing, I was really quite surprised at the overwhelming sadness that hit me.   I have a lot of good memories hanging out with friends and Joey and helping find some great homes for dogs in need or helping raise money and awareness for them.    Lucky Dog, you will certainly be missed.

Tina looking more slim and trim these days
 Today we tried out a new location for getting Suzie & Tina's nails clipped.   We went back out to Treats Unleashed in Des Peres because I had seen a sign there they were  having $7 clips.   That's a really good deal - they clipped them and ground them down.   The women who did it are from Bed and Biscuit PetCare and they did a great job.    Suzie and Tina were both very mellow about it and they both commented on how well behaved they were.   Luckily, they were having a free samples day so we were able to give them some seriously yummy treats while waiting for our turn and as a reassurance after their nails were done.   It was crazy busy when we were there - there were 6 people ahead of us when we arrived and about 10 more people came in while we were waiting.  There were 4 other doxies and that's always fun to see.   Unfortunately, Suzie saw an overgrown puppy and had to let him know she was present and he better not try and pull in puppy business while she was watching.     ::sigh::  Suzie can be so cranky sometimes. 

After I got home, I looked up Bed & Biscuit PetCare to see exactly what kind of company they are.   I mean, they were fantastic to our two wiens today.    I quickly and easily found their website and they have an awesome idea!!  They're a boarding company but they have homes in the area where people take your dog into their home while you're gone.     They choose homes that have an individual in some type of animal related field like groomers or vet techs and they mostly seem to be retired so your pooch can be around people most of the time.    Isn't that a fantastic idea?    I know so many people that feel consumed by guilt by putting their dogs in a kennel.   No matter how loving the people are, we still feel like we're caging our dogs up and letting them be virtually ignored while they're gone.   I've never been able to bring myself to board a dog because every time I almost I do it I collapse into tears out of sheer guilt and figure something else out.    I know I'm not the only one out there who feels that way because I've had this conversation so many times.   Now I'm anxious for someone to try them out.    Hopefully next year I'll have enough pesos saved up to go on vacay with JTK and I can try it out.  Check them out!!
Bed and Biscuit PetCare

So far this has been a super weekend.   I've really enjoyed spending time with JTK and we've had some serious laughs with our pooches and friends.  

Wieners with their Peeps

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is Baby Headed to 'Bama?

I exchanged a few emails with a woman in Alabama today that may adopt Baby.    Her 12 year old Boston Terrier passed away a week ago today.    I feel so much sadness for the people who have to experience that loss.    Her little guy was named Tanner and he was a Katrina dog she was fostering that she ended up adopting.   

I admit that I prefer adopting my fosters out to people that I have email and phone conversations with.   I get a really good feel of people by how they present themselves in email and how they type.  I love email but unfortunately it gives people carte blanche to be assholes while hiding behind a computer screen.   It drives me crazy how  rude and downright evil will be when they don't have to say something to your face.   I understand that email allows for a lot of misunderstanding because you can't see someones expression or the inflection in their voice.    But that's not what I'm talking about, though!  And I'm sure all of you have experienced those annoying cowardly bully emailers.   Heck, some of us have even had to experience the very same CBEs! ;)   blech to them!!   

I think it says a lot about a person when are able to exude genuine warmth through the words typed on a page.    It might not make sense,  but I seem to make really good decisions based on multiple emails from someone.    And I LOVE this woman.   She's so kind, sweet and open.   I like it when people email me little pieces of information about themselves - it gives me a glimpse into the life that the foster will be living.   She has a 13 year old son, she's about my age, and she volunteers for a rescue group in a non foster capacity.      I really hope things work out for her and Baby.

Baby is doing great - she's getting more and more outgoing every day.   Of course, I don't think she'll ever show the "bully" of her breed but she is getting more playful and she's even started barking.   Oh my gosh, it only happens once in a while but it really freaks me out.   I'm always surprised by it and at first can't figure out what that noise is! HA   It's kind of like a howling/bark combination.      She's only barked about once every other day since Friday, and unfortunately, she decided to let her one bark out yesterday morning at 4:30!!  geesh Baby

If this works out it will certainly be interesting - Baby's original Foster Mom is from Alabama!  Maybe Baby's been wanting to go to Sweet Home Alabama all along. :)


Monday, June 13, 2011

Please adopt Piko!

Oh   my goodness -  Piko needs to find his forever home and now.    He's the absolute kind of little dog that I always end up getting attached to.   He's a super cute little boy with the looks of an angel but the mind of a devil! :)     Just now Piko jumped into my arms and I was cradling him like a baby, rubbing his belly and he fell completely asleep.    This is one of his favorite things, but tonight I don't have JTK home with me and I started thinking about dressing Piko up as a little boy.   I'm not talking doggie clothes, but little fancy summer real boy clothes.   ha    As soon as I noticed where my thoughts were straying I went ahead and set him down on the couch beside me.    This is dangerous territory and I know it.  :)

This weekend we had a fundraising event at Treats Unleashed in Des Peres.   It was an absolutely beautiful day.     We were outside and everyone that was there really enjoyed themselves.    I had Piko and Baby with me - no TRex because we were limited on the number of dogs.   Both these two and all the other dogs there got so much attention.    Of course, Piko was a little ham and would dance around on his hind feet when someone would come by.    He quickly realized that these plain, handled brown bags that came out of the store with people were almost always filled with the yummiest of goodies.   People would come out of the store, with their purchase in hand.   Piko would immediately stand up on his hind legs, hop around and move his front paws around like he was begging.    I'm telling you - nobody could resist this little stinker.    People were actually opening up sealed bags of treats for him.    I don't think he ever ate so well.

Treats Unleashed have some of the best treats around.  I love how you can pick and choose all the different kinds and they have some really cute ones too.    The cheeseburger treat is universally loved by all of my dogs.   I also picked up this adorable one specifically for Piko.    He's my little Piko Prince, so it's just perfect.

Nano now Heidi
One of our volunteers, Elisa, coordinated the day so not only did we have our table and presence at Treats Unleashed, but we also had a quilt raffle, and the Noodles & Company in the shopping center donated 25% of every meal purchased there if they mentioned our group.    We got to see so many previous fosters and people that adopted from us, it was great.   I got to see sweet little Velma and her brother Niko and I also got to see a foster I haven't seen for almost two years.   Heidi, previously known as Nano.    It was a great day.  

I have to admit, I feel a little selfish but I LOVE LOVE LOVE events like that where I get to volunteer but it feels more like leisure time than volunteer work.    We brought in about $1,000 for the group and that doesn't even taken into consideration the funds earned from Noodles & Company.                          


Can you believe this is a dog treat??? :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

HA!  I've always loved that corny line and now I can use it freely.   I am temporarily fostering a French Bulldog named Baby for one of our other volunteers who is just too busy to foster dogs right now while she gets married and goes off on a honeymoon.  :)    Everyone is surprised she and another Frenchie haven't been adopted yet - Baby has gotten over 1,100 views on Petfinder this past week.   Unbelievable!!!   JTK has been fascinated with French Bulldogs ever since he read the book, Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters and one of the central characters in the book was a French Bulldog by the name of Mister Kinyatta.    I've kept my eye out for a Frenchie as a foster ever since then.

Baby is a very sweet girl that came from a breeder in Iowa - it was either our group agree to take her in or the breeder would indiscriminately  put her to sleep since she'd obviously was no longer profitable.  She's between 3-5 years old and is doing really well in a home.    She's puppy pad trained and can make it up steps.   She doesn't like going down them very much, but today when we were at Four Muddy Paws she gingerly went down the couple they have outside.   They're bigger, wider steps so she wasn't as fearful.   She's doing great with all the other dogs in the house - everyone loves her.   She has a very easy going and mellow personality.  

She was very cute today at the adoption event.   We were outside hanging on the patio and she got inside the store one time (unsupervised.)      When I went in after her, she was just moseying around the store looking at everything with great interest and curiosity.  She enjoyed it so much she just hung out by the door waiting to for the opportunity to get back in.    All her plans were thwarted, though, because we ended up having to put a gate up to keep the dogs outside. 

She's obviously had a very bad injury to one of her ears because it's permanently bent backward and very tough to the touch.    It doesn't bother her at all and gives her quite a bit of character.   She's only been at our house a couple of nights and she prefers to stay on the floor or in the dog beds to nap.   JTK decided tonight she needed to start learning to sleep in bed with the humans so she's in there with him right now.    She started off cuddled in one of his arms while Tina was cuddled in the other.   I just checked on them, though and she's moved down the bed a little.  That's a definite improvement - at least she's willing to stay in the bed with him.   When we've put her on the couch, she immediately tries to jump off and guess what?  Mill/breeder dogs don't have much experience in jumping down from things so she doesn't land very well.

What???  Itty Bitty Innocent Me???
We were only at Four Muddy Paws a short time today - it was so ridiculously hot.     Piko (aka Butterscotch)  was  particularly adorable and had a huge groupie following.    Everyone kept saying the same thing ... he's so calm and quiet.  HA     I have such a hard time explaining to people what kind of silly personality a dog has.     Since I tend to exaggerate and be overly dramatic in my descriptions, I don't think people understand I'm making my comments with 100% love.   For example,  I don't think it was wise of me today to describe Piko's growling techniques as "Demonic."     Ah, well, his warning growl to the other dogs is seriously badass.     Maybe I should just say he's a typical, vocal,  pom with a Napoleon complex.  :)     Man, he is so darn cute though.   I love this little guy - why isn't he adopted yet??   Oh yeah ... potential adopters don't like hearing the word DEMONIC when looking at a dog.   I really need to remember that. :)