Monday, June 13, 2011

Please adopt Piko!

Oh   my goodness -  Piko needs to find his forever home and now.    He's the absolute kind of little dog that I always end up getting attached to.   He's a super cute little boy with the looks of an angel but the mind of a devil! :)     Just now Piko jumped into my arms and I was cradling him like a baby, rubbing his belly and he fell completely asleep.    This is one of his favorite things, but tonight I don't have JTK home with me and I started thinking about dressing Piko up as a little boy.   I'm not talking doggie clothes, but little fancy summer real boy clothes.   ha    As soon as I noticed where my thoughts were straying I went ahead and set him down on the couch beside me.    This is dangerous territory and I know it.  :)

This weekend we had a fundraising event at Treats Unleashed in Des Peres.   It was an absolutely beautiful day.     We were outside and everyone that was there really enjoyed themselves.    I had Piko and Baby with me - no TRex because we were limited on the number of dogs.   Both these two and all the other dogs there got so much attention.    Of course, Piko was a little ham and would dance around on his hind feet when someone would come by.    He quickly realized that these plain, handled brown bags that came out of the store with people were almost always filled with the yummiest of goodies.   People would come out of the store, with their purchase in hand.   Piko would immediately stand up on his hind legs, hop around and move his front paws around like he was begging.    I'm telling you - nobody could resist this little stinker.    People were actually opening up sealed bags of treats for him.    I don't think he ever ate so well.

Treats Unleashed have some of the best treats around.  I love how you can pick and choose all the different kinds and they have some really cute ones too.    The cheeseburger treat is universally loved by all of my dogs.   I also picked up this adorable one specifically for Piko.    He's my little Piko Prince, so it's just perfect.

Nano now Heidi
One of our volunteers, Elisa, coordinated the day so not only did we have our table and presence at Treats Unleashed, but we also had a quilt raffle, and the Noodles & Company in the shopping center donated 25% of every meal purchased there if they mentioned our group.    We got to see so many previous fosters and people that adopted from us, it was great.   I got to see sweet little Velma and her brother Niko and I also got to see a foster I haven't seen for almost two years.   Heidi, previously known as Nano.    It was a great day.  

I have to admit, I feel a little selfish but I LOVE LOVE LOVE events like that where I get to volunteer but it feels more like leisure time than volunteer work.    We brought in about $1,000 for the group and that doesn't even taken into consideration the funds earned from Noodles & Company.                          


Can you believe this is a dog treat??? :)

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