Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tina the Uncooperative Diva

It's so obvious Tina has no patience with me :)
 Last night I spent almost 30 minutes trying to get the perfect picture of Tina to use as the basis for a birthday present for JTK.    I knew exactly what I wanted  but no matter how hard I tried, Tina did the exact opposite.   I wanted to take a sweet picture of her in the grass.    I think there's something so pretty of her black fur that's striking against the pretty and bright green grass.   However, 95% of the time she'd pose perfectly and just as I would snap the pic, she'd look away in her oh so royal manner.  :)    I also wanted to take a picture of her rolling around on her back, because that's one of Joey's favorite sights.    So, I laid her her back, but she insisted on lying  there frozen like she was paralyzed with fear.    Every maneuver I tried, she out maneuvered me!   She snuck to the corner of the yard to do her rooting and rolling on her back show.    But by the time I got over there, she immediately stopped,   flipped up right side and promptly ignored me.     I tried to take a simple picture  of her while she's standing there and she buried her face in the tall grass!   I gave up and decided I would trick her - I walked over to the other side of the yard and decided to wait for her to walk toward me.   What a pretty shot that would be - Tina walking in the grass with the sun shining.    Of course, just as she gets into range of my camera,  she veers  in another direction.   It was actually quite funny - typically Tina.    At one point I actually caught myself saying out loud "Work it Tina, work it!"   Thank goodness nobody was outside to observe me trying to force Tina into being "America's Next Top Dachshund."  :)

Is it me or does she look disgusted ?
 I kept thinking what would I have done if we weren't living in the age of digital film?   Can you imagine how many rolls of 35mm I would have gone through and would have been clueless at how useless most of the shots were? :)    But, Tina was just being classic Tina.    She's really not interested in pleasing me, only Joey.    If I would only do as JTK wants me to - to actually take notes on how to cuddle and adore Tina while he's away.  :)   Maybe then she'd be more cooperative with my picture taking endeavors. 

I did get a few decent shots and sent them to my friends for a vote of which one to use.    My plan was to order a pillow case so Joey can use it at his Dad's house so he will always have Tina by his side to sleep like he does at home.   I got two votes for the belly up shot  and one tongue vote.     I was partial to the "tongue" shot because I'm convinced she was sticking out her tongue at me!  :)   It took me a whole day of thinking of what I was doing wrong but I was finally able to order the gift tonight online.   I'm supposed to have it delivered by July 8th - the day before he turns 13.   Oh my gosh .... I can't even believe my baby boy is 13.   He's older than Suzie and Tina now for a couple of months.  ;)   Isn't it cool to think they were all born in 1998?    Sometimes life happens exactly as it's supposed to.

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