Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

HA!  I've always loved that corny line and now I can use it freely.   I am temporarily fostering a French Bulldog named Baby for one of our other volunteers who is just too busy to foster dogs right now while she gets married and goes off on a honeymoon.  :)    Everyone is surprised she and another Frenchie haven't been adopted yet - Baby has gotten over 1,100 views on Petfinder this past week.   Unbelievable!!!   JTK has been fascinated with French Bulldogs ever since he read the book, Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters and one of the central characters in the book was a French Bulldog by the name of Mister Kinyatta.    I've kept my eye out for a Frenchie as a foster ever since then.

Baby is a very sweet girl that came from a breeder in Iowa - it was either our group agree to take her in or the breeder would indiscriminately  put her to sleep since she'd obviously was no longer profitable.  She's between 3-5 years old and is doing really well in a home.    She's puppy pad trained and can make it up steps.   She doesn't like going down them very much, but today when we were at Four Muddy Paws she gingerly went down the couple they have outside.   They're bigger, wider steps so she wasn't as fearful.   She's doing great with all the other dogs in the house - everyone loves her.   She has a very easy going and mellow personality.  

She was very cute today at the adoption event.   We were outside hanging on the patio and she got inside the store one time (unsupervised.)      When I went in after her, she was just moseying around the store looking at everything with great interest and curiosity.  She enjoyed it so much she just hung out by the door waiting to for the opportunity to get back in.    All her plans were thwarted, though, because we ended up having to put a gate up to keep the dogs outside. 

She's obviously had a very bad injury to one of her ears because it's permanently bent backward and very tough to the touch.    It doesn't bother her at all and gives her quite a bit of character.   She's only been at our house a couple of nights and she prefers to stay on the floor or in the dog beds to nap.   JTK decided tonight she needed to start learning to sleep in bed with the humans so she's in there with him right now.    She started off cuddled in one of his arms while Tina was cuddled in the other.   I just checked on them, though and she's moved down the bed a little.  That's a definite improvement - at least she's willing to stay in the bed with him.   When we've put her on the couch, she immediately tries to jump off and guess what?  Mill/breeder dogs don't have much experience in jumping down from things so she doesn't land very well.

What???  Itty Bitty Innocent Me???
We were only at Four Muddy Paws a short time today - it was so ridiculously hot.     Piko (aka Butterscotch)  was  particularly adorable and had a huge groupie following.    Everyone kept saying the same thing ... he's so calm and quiet.  HA     I have such a hard time explaining to people what kind of silly personality a dog has.     Since I tend to exaggerate and be overly dramatic in my descriptions, I don't think people understand I'm making my comments with 100% love.   For example,  I don't think it was wise of me today to describe Piko's growling techniques as "Demonic."     Ah, well, his warning growl to the other dogs is seriously badass.     Maybe I should just say he's a typical, vocal,  pom with a Napoleon complex.  :)     Man, he is so darn cute though.   I love this little guy - why isn't he adopted yet??   Oh yeah ... potential adopters don't like hearing the word DEMONIC when looking at a dog.   I really need to remember that. :)

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