Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wieners Wieners EVERYwhere

The Weens
And no I'm thankfully not talking about the disgraced politician from New York.  ;)   Last night JTK and I took Suzie and Tina to a "Cocktail Wiener" party with the Gateway Lo-Downs.   We got to see some of our buddies,  Becky and Elisa, and got to enjoy some time with a ton of dachshunds.   It's one of the funniest sights on the planet to see a bunch of doxies roaming around together.    Suzie and Tina were so worn out after we left even though they didn't frolic too much.     Suzie was insistent on standing next to the snack table, convinced she would get various scraps that fell from people's hands.    She was seriously misinformed, though, because everyone seemed to have a good grip on their yummies.      Tina just stayed by us and only once decided she needed to be on watchdog duty.    

Suzie Front and Center by the Snack Table

This shindig is usually held at Lucky Dog and we had never gone.   But, sadly, my all time favorite dog store is closing at the end of June.    It's so awful - not only do I like the merchandise but I just love the owner Beth Fox and her trusty side kick Boomer.     They're great people, love dogs and are very rescue oriented in special activities they hold at the store.    When I got the email that the store was closing, I was really quite surprised at the overwhelming sadness that hit me.   I have a lot of good memories hanging out with friends and Joey and helping find some great homes for dogs in need or helping raise money and awareness for them.    Lucky Dog, you will certainly be missed.

Tina looking more slim and trim these days
 Today we tried out a new location for getting Suzie & Tina's nails clipped.   We went back out to Treats Unleashed in Des Peres because I had seen a sign there they were  having $7 clips.   That's a really good deal - they clipped them and ground them down.   The women who did it are from Bed and Biscuit PetCare and they did a great job.    Suzie and Tina were both very mellow about it and they both commented on how well behaved they were.   Luckily, they were having a free samples day so we were able to give them some seriously yummy treats while waiting for our turn and as a reassurance after their nails were done.   It was crazy busy when we were there - there were 6 people ahead of us when we arrived and about 10 more people came in while we were waiting.  There were 4 other doxies and that's always fun to see.   Unfortunately, Suzie saw an overgrown puppy and had to let him know she was present and he better not try and pull in puppy business while she was watching.     ::sigh::  Suzie can be so cranky sometimes. 

After I got home, I looked up Bed & Biscuit PetCare to see exactly what kind of company they are.   I mean, they were fantastic to our two wiens today.    I quickly and easily found their website and they have an awesome idea!!  They're a boarding company but they have homes in the area where people take your dog into their home while you're gone.     They choose homes that have an individual in some type of animal related field like groomers or vet techs and they mostly seem to be retired so your pooch can be around people most of the time.    Isn't that a fantastic idea?    I know so many people that feel consumed by guilt by putting their dogs in a kennel.   No matter how loving the people are, we still feel like we're caging our dogs up and letting them be virtually ignored while they're gone.   I've never been able to bring myself to board a dog because every time I almost I do it I collapse into tears out of sheer guilt and figure something else out.    I know I'm not the only one out there who feels that way because I've had this conversation so many times.   Now I'm anxious for someone to try them out.    Hopefully next year I'll have enough pesos saved up to go on vacay with JTK and I can try it out.  Check them out!!
Bed and Biscuit PetCare

So far this has been a super weekend.   I've really enjoyed spending time with JTK and we've had some serious laughs with our pooches and friends.  

Wieners with their Peeps

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