Monday, June 27, 2011


I got the results back on Jingle and the GREAT but surprising news is her blood work shows absolutely no abnormality.   In fact, the word they used over and over again is that the results were "unremarkable."  In fact,  they even used the same word when they revisited the x-rays.     So, she nearly crashes - has a dramatically high temperature,  loses the use of her hind legs, was completely lethargic and wouldn't eat.    But within  a day and a half she's very nearly recovered and none of her test results show anything out of the ordinary.

When we were in the vet's office Friday night the vet DID keep saying how weird it was and how her symptoms.    When I was talking to them today, they kept pointing out weird it was that she had such a high temperature and even her white blood cell count was normal.     So, after her weird ordeal she's doing really well.   She's a little wobbly, and she's panting a ton from the steroids, but other than that she's doing great.   If you notie in her second picture, she's still having a little bit of a stability issue.   She seems to be having a hard time preventing her little paws from sliding.     However, she is still so much better than she was the other night.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for their sweet words and prayers for Jingle.    I really appreciate it.   Knowing people take a moment out of their day to send wonderful, positive energy our way is really heartwarming.  

She's enjoying the extra special Princess treatment for now.   She is not having to walk outside herself or walk back up the stairs inside.   I've been carrying her to the water bowl, ensconcing her in various rooms to feed her super special wet food.   :)    Like I said, she's pretty pleased with this.   I'm just so glad she's doing better.   I wish I knew what had happened, so that makes it a little scary that it could happen again.   But for today, my little girl is pretty much her silly little self again.

I also got a great email today from Burton's Mom.    Burton is now known as Oscar.    The sweet little doxie that ended up in JCAC and nearly died from parvo is living the high life.   Apparently he just got back from a camping trip in Gulf Shores Alabama.    I was just thinking about him the other day - I still miss that little stinker.   I'm happy he's found a loving home and that's he's bring happiness to the people that are providing him with a wonderful life.   Doesn't he look beautiful?     I couldn't help but shed a few tears thinking about him.    It is so hard to say goodbye to  them but it's all worth it when we hear how happy previous fosters are with their new families.  

Yesterday one of our volunteers, Kathy, said goodbye to a bonded pair of fosters she had for a while.   She had been fostering Temperance and Camille for quite a while and yesterday they were adopted together.    They left a big space in her home and her heart when she went home without them, but they have a great couple they went home with.     We do get happy endings a lot - we just have a little bit of sad emotions on our end to help nudge these sweet little guys to their happy endings.

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