Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day of the Weens!

The girls in their costumes
Today was the annual Gateway Lo-Downs Howl-O-Weener party.   It's one of my favorite things to do and I considered not going because JTK wasn't up for going after a weekend of camping and two of my favorite doxie buddies, Katie and Becky couldn't go.  But I got my sensible cap on and decided to give it a go anyway because I knew Elisa and Boomer would be there.      Maybe I'm growing up a little if I chose to get a little out of my comfort level?  Nah .... Suzie and Tina have such a wonderful time in a roomful of doxies, so I wanted to make sure they got in their deserved party time!    This year they were so much more social.   Last year, they would hardly leave my side but this year I was constantly trying to look for them.   Tina could invariably be found wherever someone was snacking.  :)

Treat time!
What was hilarious to watch was whenever someone would open up a bag of treats, dachshunds from far and wide throughout the facility would gather around the person with the treats.   It was so cute - and it was such a relief to see it's not just Suzie and Tina doing it! ha

Of course there was a costume contest and Suzie was a devil and Tina a ghost.    I had them from last year's after Halloween sale and Tina got lumped into her costume just because it was the only one that fit.  :)    It was not a good costume for a short dachshund, though, because the flowing fabric kept getting her tripped up.    Finally, while the festivities were going on I tied up the fabric on Tina's back.   But when it was time for the costume contest, I had to untie it and let it go.

Tina Checking out her winnings
Guess what?   Tina won a prize for looking the most miserable in her costume.   HA   I think that's hilarious because she did look at me a couple of times like she was disgusted.   But you know what, that dog usually LOVES to dress up.    Maybe she didn't like being a boring old ghost - she probably thought she needed something with more bling and sass.     I was tickled pink that she won, though.    This little old gal deserves the winnings.

One of my favorite moments of the afternoon when there were a number of senior doxie ladies together.    There was Bitsy who was saved by her Mom Boomer from a rural shelter.    There was also Betty who was saved by Boomer from another rural shelter but adopted by someone else in the Lo-Downs and then there was Suzie and Tina.     All four of these girls faced uncertain futures and now they're all in homes where they're loved so much, they're actually taken to parties in honor of their breed.  :)  

Even if you're not a doxie lover, one of these parties shouldn't be missed.    I am telling you, there is no way possible to not have a huge smile on your face when you're faced with a roomful of crazy, happy dachshunds in Halloween costumes.   It is really a sight for sore eyes.     It actually helped me face what's really important in my life today as well.   Being a decent person and making a positive impact in the world is what are my priorities.   I can only live my life based on my own beliefs and do the best I possibly can.   I don't need to behave similarly to other people who may hurt me and I don't need to give up just because I make a mistake.   

Two Tired Girls on Their Way Home
Tonight I'm feeling a little older and wiser, but also a little more realistic about me, my life and the people I'm comfortable being around and investing my emotions in.   Thank you dachshunds of St. Louis for your infinite wisdom.      <"( );::::::;~   (emoticon by Boomer)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sleeping Dogs

One of my favorite things in the world is to have a dog dreaming in their sleep - it's especially sweet if you happen to be holding them at the time.    It's especially touching if it's a dog that's a senior and/or sick.  I can only imagine what they're doing in their little dreams.      We can only imagine what's causing their little yips and the scurry of their little feet.   I can't help but smile and be completely happy when I come across a dog dreaming.    Mackie recently did it while I was holding her in my arms.    It's nothing but a heavy sigh moment of happiness.

Yesterday TRex got to visit my Mom only because after I had locked everyone else up behind the doggie gate, TRex was patiently waiting for me at the front door.   He was so stinking excited, I didn't have the heart to not take him.    My brother, Craig, and my nephew, Tristan, were visiting my Mom as well.      Tristan just LOVES TRex and everyone was snacking on Burger King and McDonald's when we got there so Rex was in a FUHRENZY!!    He's generally polite at home, but when he's out visiting someone and he's already in frenzy mode - add food into the mix and he's a total nutcase.  I  tried to explain to everyone that he has little impulse control in these situations.  What was funny, when we got home Rex just completely crashed.    He looks 100% innocent when he's asleep.  :)

Today I was having one of those days where I miss my Dad.   It wasn't a  day that was consumed with grief, just a day where I wanted to spend some time with my Dad.  I don't know why - but autumn makes me think of him and today would have been a perfect day to have hung out with him.    So, I went to his grave at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.     Last month it was 14 years since he died - I honestly can't fathom that it's been that long.    While I was there and just sitting by his grave, a beautiful buck came out of the woods near his grave.   It was so amazing to see and I always take moments like that as some sort of communication from him.   I tried to take a picture, but I only had my cell phone with me and I didn't get it in time.    As I was leaving, I came across a herd of deer in the graves.   It was really a fantastic  sight - the leaves are changing and there's all these beautiful creatures in the midst of the serene white gravestones.   It was very peaceful and very reassuring.   Luckily, I was able to get a picture of that moment.  

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Day at the 5K

A few of us very dedicated volunteers woke up to arrive in Forest Park bright and early at 7:30 this morning.    I am telling you, it was exhausting being up that early on a Saturday!   Thank goodness I didn't work this week or I probably would have never made it in time.    Kingsbury Animal Hospital had their first annual 5k and it benefited our group.    There was a great turnout and we had a lot of fun watching everyone with their beloved animals.     There was this one golden doodle puppy that we fell in love with.   I asked to take his picture with his Mom and she picked him up.    As soon as she did, he just nestled his little head on her shoulder.   It was the cutest thing.    We had to take a picture of him with her back to us so we could see his cutie pie face.    And he has a great name - Professor Lupin.  :)   Being a Harry Potter fan, you know I appreciated that one. 

Professor Lupin

It was a beautiful day - a perfect October day to spend  in Forest Park.      Boomer was adopted and went to a wonderful home - I had him just a week.   He received so much attention and applications I didn't quite know what to do with myself.   I certainly do better when I only have 1 or 2 applications to consider at a time.     I think he'll be very happy and even though he was a perfect dog, it's nice to be back to little dogs only.   :)

Mackie and Chuckles "cheering on" the runners
At one point, we were at the finish line cheering on the runners & walkers and Mackie and Chuckles decided to bark at any and every person or dog that ran past.    It was really cute and a bunch of us couldn't stop laughing at their silliness.  Mackie also chose to try and climb into the cooler where the water bottles for the racers were.    She was in fine form. 

She actually had a lot of interest but when they realized she has disc issues, their interest definitely waned.   Mackie has a condition that causes her walking conditions and there's a chance she could end up crippled.   She's not a candidate for surgery right now because she is so mobile.     Some people think she will definitely end up paralyzed but I have a positive attitude and I'm going to believe she's always going to be ok.   I don't think her disc issues should really be a cause for worry - honestly if you think about it, all dachshunds have a very good chance of having back issues whether they're exhibiting symptoms or not.  I hope I find someone who will be the perfect home for her.

Mackie wants some ice water
There was music today, raffle baskets and  the  Seoul Taco food truck was there.   If you like spicy, you will love this food!  It was so delicious.     On Monday they'll be pulling names for the raffle baskets - I'm hoping to win the beer basket OR the treat package from Three Dogs Bakery.   Wish me luck. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Falling for Mackie

Damn, I've done it again!   I've gone and fallen in love with a foster dog so much I keep having to talk myself out of trying to figure out how to keep her!   Mackie is such a hoot - she has a crazy, funny personality.    You know how I love my bad boy doxies, well I've got a bad boy doxie personality in the package of an itty bitty doxie girl who is as cute and little as a puppy.    She is hilarious - I just watch her and crack up multiple times a day.     I can't stop picking her up and hugging her and telling her how much I love her!

She is so full of spunk - how does a  little dog that lived in such squalor and ended up at the Humane Society, infested with fleas and with an oozing cyst on her head have such a zest for life and joy for every moment she faces?     She is full of spunk and has a lot of courage to boot.   She's intent on letting every big dog in the universe know that she's far bigger in her little mind than they are in reality.

Mackie is such a cool dog - she does have an issue with one of her discs so she has kind of a "drunken sailor" walk and her turning corners while she runs is one of the funniest things you'll see.    I think it adds to her personality.   According to the vet, because she is so mobile she's not a candidate for surgery.   She gets around amazingly well - she's such a little runner.   She can't get up on furniture (thank goodness!) and she can't do most steps because she's so little. 

She can snuggle and play so well!!  She's perfect for someone who wants a lap dog.   She's quite a little velcro dog, it seems like she can't fall asleep if she's not being held or cuddled in some way.  

One of my favorite things she does, is she's desperately trying to get Suzie to play with her.   I don't know why, but she's obsessed with Suzie liking her and playing with her.   Of course, Mackie looks and acts like a puppy so Suzie is obligated to hate her and growl at her at every opportunity.   But that doesn't make Mackie give up - she keeps trying and trying and trying.   It's adorable.  She'll even lie down beside Suzie on her back and bat at her like a kitten.     As I said, adorable!!  She also likes to frequently charge at her reflection in the mirror until the run away.  :)

Mackie is a dog that you have to get to know.    She's a little  nervous when she first meets you and she doesn't show you all she's got at first.   But after spending a little time with her, you can't help but fall in love with her.   That's why the employees at the Humane Society worked so hard to find a rescue to pull her and save her life.     And last weekend, Dr. Shaw immediately fell in love with her after he saw her do her silly walk and bark her enormous bark at Dooley.

I haven't had really any interest in Mackie, but the person who adopts her will never regret letting her into their lives.   She's not completely housebroken (she did come from a puppy mill!) but she's doing extremely well with puppy pad training. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grooming Day

I took Jingle and Cynthia in to St. Louis Muttropolitan Grooming     There's a groomer there named Gina who I just love.   She's really calm and sweet and nice. and she always does a great job.    A couple of weeks ago, due to issues with time, I took Hopper and Cooper to a different groomer.    When they were finished, the groomer called and told me they weren't able to groom Hopper's face.   Now with Hopper being a schnoodle, without his face being groomed, it's like he wasn't groomed at all.   I've been trying to reach a manager for a while to take him in and get the job finished because I did pay full price.    I wasn't too thrilled with that and I think someone with more skill needs to take on my ferocious 13 lb schnoodle.   :)

Here's Jingle and Cynthia from today.   I requested to have bows for both of them.   I've never gotten a bow in Cynthia's hair and I can't believe I never asked for it before.   She looks so darn cute - she is an adorable little girl.    She's just still scarred fro her years of being with a hoarder.    When I picked her up today though, she was jumping up at me and sooo excited to see me.   It's nice to see in her own little way she does love and appreciate me. 

I was inspired and then went on to try and put some bows I have lying around the house into everyone's fur.   I wish this picture came out better, but here's Hopper with a girly bow stuck in his hair.    Poor Hopper - what torture they all endure. 

After having given my notice last week it's nice to have so much time off.   I'm trying to be a little productive and I'm hoping I'll get a chance to clean up my basement and maybe paint a couple of paneled walls.    But high on my list is naps with all the doggies .... LOTS of naps.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Under all that fur ...

Is a beautiful standard poodle!   I dropped Boomer off for grooming yesterday and when I picked him up, I found before a very regal looking standard parti poodle.   Amazing what a good grooming will do!  I am thrilled with what a wonderful dog Boomer is.  He's house broken, he's good with little dogs, he's good with cats and he's sooooo quiet and so gentle.     I am certain he is going to be snapped up quickly.   He'll be in attendance at the Kingsbury Animal Hospital 5K this coming Saturday in Forest Park.     I've already grown attached to him and though my plan is to move him to another foster home after this week, I know it's not going to be easy.   And we've decided to name him Boomer after the wonderful human that endured a bunch of traffic and rude snoots to save his life!

I took him over to my Mom's today and we stopped at PetSmart on the way.     These simple outings are essential in gauging how a foster interacts in different situations and with different people.   It's also important to show them that a car ride is not always going to end up in a stressful situation.    When we get a foster their first car trips are generally to their new, strange foster home and then on to a vet and/or groomer to be poked, prodded and generally traumatized.      He did really well in PetSmart - he seemed curious of other dogs and let people pet him.   Even a woman who was terrified of dogs pet him because he was behaving so mellow and was so quiet!    Then we went to my Mom's house and he also got to visit with my brother and my nephew.  

Yesterday was quite a busy day that started with an appearance on Today in St. Louis with Kelly  Jackson with a few of our dogs from the group along with Dr. Shaw from Kingsbury Animal Hospital   KAH is having a 5k in Forest Park on October 8 from 8-2 that will benefit our group.    It's going to be a great event and it sounds like it's going to be a beautiful day.  We had Dooley the awesome shepherd/shar pei mix who has been with his foster Mom for about a year.   She does such a great job and has trained him amazingly.   Chuckles was also there - he's this adorable chihuahua who is filled with such love and energy I can't believe he hasn't been adopted yet.   And, of course, Mackie was there.    She was particularly cute and made sure the world recognized her presence.  :)    I'm not sure why, but I had to talk JTK into going down to the station with us since it was his Dad's weekend.     But after he got there, he was pretty excited to get to see how a newscast is put on.    It was really fun to watch the weatherman working with his green screen!

The link to the video is here.   KSDK Video of St. Louis Sr. Dog Project Dogs