Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Day at the 5K

A few of us very dedicated volunteers woke up to arrive in Forest Park bright and early at 7:30 this morning.    I am telling you, it was exhausting being up that early on a Saturday!   Thank goodness I didn't work this week or I probably would have never made it in time.    Kingsbury Animal Hospital had their first annual 5k and it benefited our group.    There was a great turnout and we had a lot of fun watching everyone with their beloved animals.     There was this one golden doodle puppy that we fell in love with.   I asked to take his picture with his Mom and she picked him up.    As soon as she did, he just nestled his little head on her shoulder.   It was the cutest thing.    We had to take a picture of him with her back to us so we could see his cutie pie face.    And he has a great name - Professor Lupin.  :)   Being a Harry Potter fan, you know I appreciated that one. 

Professor Lupin

It was a beautiful day - a perfect October day to spend  in Forest Park.      Boomer was adopted and went to a wonderful home - I had him just a week.   He received so much attention and applications I didn't quite know what to do with myself.   I certainly do better when I only have 1 or 2 applications to consider at a time.     I think he'll be very happy and even though he was a perfect dog, it's nice to be back to little dogs only.   :)

Mackie and Chuckles "cheering on" the runners
At one point, we were at the finish line cheering on the runners & walkers and Mackie and Chuckles decided to bark at any and every person or dog that ran past.    It was really cute and a bunch of us couldn't stop laughing at their silliness.  Mackie also chose to try and climb into the cooler where the water bottles for the racers were.    She was in fine form. 

She actually had a lot of interest but when they realized she has disc issues, their interest definitely waned.   Mackie has a condition that causes her walking conditions and there's a chance she could end up crippled.   She's not a candidate for surgery right now because she is so mobile.     Some people think she will definitely end up paralyzed but I have a positive attitude and I'm going to believe she's always going to be ok.   I don't think her disc issues should really be a cause for worry - honestly if you think about it, all dachshunds have a very good chance of having back issues whether they're exhibiting symptoms or not.  I hope I find someone who will be the perfect home for her.

Mackie wants some ice water
There was music today, raffle baskets and  the  Seoul Taco food truck was there.   If you like spicy, you will love this food!  It was so delicious.     On Monday they'll be pulling names for the raffle baskets - I'm hoping to win the beer basket OR the treat package from Three Dogs Bakery.   Wish me luck. 

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