Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grooming Day

I took Jingle and Cynthia in to St. Louis Muttropolitan Grooming     There's a groomer there named Gina who I just love.   She's really calm and sweet and nice. and she always does a great job.    A couple of weeks ago, due to issues with time, I took Hopper and Cooper to a different groomer.    When they were finished, the groomer called and told me they weren't able to groom Hopper's face.   Now with Hopper being a schnoodle, without his face being groomed, it's like he wasn't groomed at all.   I've been trying to reach a manager for a while to take him in and get the job finished because I did pay full price.    I wasn't too thrilled with that and I think someone with more skill needs to take on my ferocious 13 lb schnoodle.   :)

Here's Jingle and Cynthia from today.   I requested to have bows for both of them.   I've never gotten a bow in Cynthia's hair and I can't believe I never asked for it before.   She looks so darn cute - she is an adorable little girl.    She's just still scarred fro her years of being with a hoarder.    When I picked her up today though, she was jumping up at me and sooo excited to see me.   It's nice to see in her own little way she does love and appreciate me. 

I was inspired and then went on to try and put some bows I have lying around the house into everyone's fur.   I wish this picture came out better, but here's Hopper with a girly bow stuck in his hair.    Poor Hopper - what torture they all endure. 

After having given my notice last week it's nice to have so much time off.   I'm trying to be a little productive and I'm hoping I'll get a chance to clean up my basement and maybe paint a couple of paneled walls.    But high on my list is naps with all the doggies .... LOTS of naps.

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