Monday, October 10, 2011

Sleeping Dogs

One of my favorite things in the world is to have a dog dreaming in their sleep - it's especially sweet if you happen to be holding them at the time.    It's especially touching if it's a dog that's a senior and/or sick.  I can only imagine what they're doing in their little dreams.      We can only imagine what's causing their little yips and the scurry of their little feet.   I can't help but smile and be completely happy when I come across a dog dreaming.    Mackie recently did it while I was holding her in my arms.    It's nothing but a heavy sigh moment of happiness.

Yesterday TRex got to visit my Mom only because after I had locked everyone else up behind the doggie gate, TRex was patiently waiting for me at the front door.   He was so stinking excited, I didn't have the heart to not take him.    My brother, Craig, and my nephew, Tristan, were visiting my Mom as well.      Tristan just LOVES TRex and everyone was snacking on Burger King and McDonald's when we got there so Rex was in a FUHRENZY!!    He's generally polite at home, but when he's out visiting someone and he's already in frenzy mode - add food into the mix and he's a total nutcase.  I  tried to explain to everyone that he has little impulse control in these situations.  What was funny, when we got home Rex just completely crashed.    He looks 100% innocent when he's asleep.  :)

Today I was having one of those days where I miss my Dad.   It wasn't a  day that was consumed with grief, just a day where I wanted to spend some time with my Dad.  I don't know why - but autumn makes me think of him and today would have been a perfect day to have hung out with him.    So, I went to his grave at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.     Last month it was 14 years since he died - I honestly can't fathom that it's been that long.    While I was there and just sitting by his grave, a beautiful buck came out of the woods near his grave.   It was so amazing to see and I always take moments like that as some sort of communication from him.   I tried to take a picture, but I only had my cell phone with me and I didn't get it in time.    As I was leaving, I came across a herd of deer in the graves.   It was really a fantastic  sight - the leaves are changing and there's all these beautiful creatures in the midst of the serene white gravestones.   It was very peaceful and very reassuring.   Luckily, I was able to get a picture of that moment.  

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