Friday, October 7, 2011

Falling for Mackie

Damn, I've done it again!   I've gone and fallen in love with a foster dog so much I keep having to talk myself out of trying to figure out how to keep her!   Mackie is such a hoot - she has a crazy, funny personality.    You know how I love my bad boy doxies, well I've got a bad boy doxie personality in the package of an itty bitty doxie girl who is as cute and little as a puppy.    She is hilarious - I just watch her and crack up multiple times a day.     I can't stop picking her up and hugging her and telling her how much I love her!

She is so full of spunk - how does a  little dog that lived in such squalor and ended up at the Humane Society, infested with fleas and with an oozing cyst on her head have such a zest for life and joy for every moment she faces?     She is full of spunk and has a lot of courage to boot.   She's intent on letting every big dog in the universe know that she's far bigger in her little mind than they are in reality.

Mackie is such a cool dog - she does have an issue with one of her discs so she has kind of a "drunken sailor" walk and her turning corners while she runs is one of the funniest things you'll see.    I think it adds to her personality.   According to the vet, because she is so mobile she's not a candidate for surgery.   She gets around amazingly well - she's such a little runner.   She can't get up on furniture (thank goodness!) and she can't do most steps because she's so little. 

She can snuggle and play so well!!  She's perfect for someone who wants a lap dog.   She's quite a little velcro dog, it seems like she can't fall asleep if she's not being held or cuddled in some way.  

One of my favorite things she does, is she's desperately trying to get Suzie to play with her.   I don't know why, but she's obsessed with Suzie liking her and playing with her.   Of course, Mackie looks and acts like a puppy so Suzie is obligated to hate her and growl at her at every opportunity.   But that doesn't make Mackie give up - she keeps trying and trying and trying.   It's adorable.  She'll even lie down beside Suzie on her back and bat at her like a kitten.     As I said, adorable!!  She also likes to frequently charge at her reflection in the mirror until the run away.  :)

Mackie is a dog that you have to get to know.    She's a little  nervous when she first meets you and she doesn't show you all she's got at first.   But after spending a little time with her, you can't help but fall in love with her.   That's why the employees at the Humane Society worked so hard to find a rescue to pull her and save her life.     And last weekend, Dr. Shaw immediately fell in love with her after he saw her do her silly walk and bark her enormous bark at Dooley.

I haven't had really any interest in Mackie, but the person who adopts her will never regret letting her into their lives.   She's not completely housebroken (she did come from a puppy mill!) but she's doing extremely well with puppy pad training. 

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