Monday, January 31, 2011

Creature Features

I have been a huge fan of creature features ever since I was mesmerized by the giant ants in "Them."  NO, I'm not old enough to have seen it in theatres!! :)   But it was playing some Saturday afternoon when I was a kid.   The more absurd the better, and the cheesier the special effects the more fun I have.   Saturday night I taped the SyFy original movie "Mega Python Vs Gatoroid" so last night JTK, myself and the  the dogs and I settled in for a cold winter's night of some truly guilty pleasure TV  viewing.    The bonus?   This movie starred Debbie Gibson and Tiffany - it was classic.    We had such a fun time.    What was particularly hilarious, though, was that the gateroid reminded us of Tina.     When Tina wants something, she usually does this little half jump where she only lifts her front two paws up.   I know in her mind, she's really making some air with her enormous jumps but in reality the big girl can't quite get enough exertion to get more than half her body off the ground.   I guess she has some gatoroid in her, because the gators infused with steroids were unable to do more than a half jump as well.   Well ... when it fit the story they couldn't do more than a half jump.   But it looked EXACTLY like Tina so we were roaring with laughter.    And some of the sound effects reminded us of TRex ... it was perfect entertainment.

Of course, while we were hanging out Suzie and Tina insisted on cuddling up to Joey.   I got a couple of cute pictures, but trying to get a picture with these 3 subjects is impossible.   Joey always has to make goofy faces, Tina refuses to look at the camera and Suzie's eyes usually have the devil glow thing going on.  :)   

We stopped by PetCo yesterday just to say hi to a couple of people and we saw CoCo for a short time.   Guess what?   It turns out the little guy was later adopted.   I sure hope he's found his forever home.   He's so pretty and has such a big personality he really deserves a wonderful home.   But don't all of these dogs?

Yesterday one of our chihuahuas was returned because the woman was being placed in an assisted living facility.    From the story I heard, it sounded like it was her family's idea and not hers.   And to add insult to injury, the family that decided she couldn't take care of herself anymore couldn't keep her dog for her.   That happens so frequently, I just don't understand it.      Let's say that the family members absolutely could not take the dog, but it seems to me that they might have found someone within their circle of friends or acquaintances that could have helped out.

This little chihuahua, Piper, had a human that loved her with all her heart and she had a great home for a couple of years.   I think it's even harder on these dogs when they know what they've lost.  Some dogs come from such awful backgrounds and they're have to taught how to live in a home with a family.   But this little girl did have a home and though she's in a safe and warm home, with someone to care for her, she has to be so sad.   Today she was so nervous at PetCo, she was shivering.    A kind lady decided she'd buy her a new sweater to help her warm up.    I wish a sweater could warm up her sad little heart.      I wish nursing homes or assisted living places were more accommodating to allow a person's dog or cat to come with them.   I'm sure it would cause a lot more work, but it would definitely bring a lot more joy and love to these places. 
Companion animals are shown to do so much good for sick and elderly people - it just seems like a win win situation to me.   But there I go thinking again! ;)

Right now, I'd like to let loose a gatoroid on the family who didn't step up to the plate to help Piper out.   But isn't that the exact reason we ended up with Suzie and Tina??     Here's Suzie getting ready to give a kiss to her favorite boy.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Great Day For Not Doin' Nuthin!!

Today, JTK and I stayed home from the adoption event.    It was another lazy day, enjoying just hanging out.   It is so nice not rushing around  having to be somewhere at a certain time.   I swear, my life feels like a daily race.    Every morning I wake up, it's like "And we're off ... AGAIN."  So it's really nice to have a day to play the Wii with JTK, rub the dog's bellys and even do some serious QVC salivating! :)   Of course, we went out for a couple of hours to visit my Mom and Foxie Roxie.     Don't you love this pic of TRex?  It looks so sweet and quiet.   I have a dog bed behind the couch and it's in the window.   During warmer months, the dogs flock to it but on cold days nobody wants to lie next to a chilly window!   With the sun out today, though, TRex couldn't resist the sunniest and most comfortable spot in the house.

I know the dogs love having us around while they nap and snooze and relax.    Suzie was especially thrilled with our presence.   I couldn't believe the number of different ways she would flip her body around to remind both of us that she was in need of a serious belly rub.   At one point, she stood on her hind legs begging for a belly rub and fell backwards against the couch cushions.   We were cracking up.   I wish the picture would have come out clearer, but here she is.

Rub my Belly!!! 

No, Really RUB MY BELLY!!
 Joey had made himself a fancy glass of chocolate milk .... whipped topping and chocolate syrup.   Unfortunately, he left it on the kitchen table, too close to the edge.   Cooper is notorious for figuring out how to knock things off a table or counter so he can gobble it up.   Apparently his skills were a little lacking, though, because the chocolate milk ended up on him and not in his mouth.   

Chocolate Stained Cooper ... blech
I heard a clatter in the kitchen and didn't think much of it.   I was chillin on the couch watching some TV while JTK corresponded on his anime and vocaloid forums in the computer area.   Even when Cooper jumped on the couch beside me and I felt how wet he was it didn't hit me.   I was thinking he might have been outside and rolling in some snow.    But within a few moments, it all clicked.   Coopers wet back + the clatter in the kitchen = A MESS.   eeewwww         I was ultra annoyed and because it was Joey's "fault" he had to bathe Cooper and mop the floor up.   mwahahahaha  I know JTK is thanking God for the Swifter with the wet wipe attachments. :)    Cooper is a true dog and would prefer to be the stinkiest, filtthiest and crustiest dog on the planet.    He finds cleanliness horrendous and detests getting wet.  In this picture,  I think he's singing to himself to the tune of Oscar the Grouch's trash song "I HATE BATHS.... " :)

Am I seriously still wet?????

This morning our day was started with a number of people in our group getting fishy emails in regards to our foster dogs.   I had a friend who was selling some art on CL and someone was using a very similar scam a couple of years ago.   I can't remember exactly how it worked,  but it included the need to send an inflated cashiers check by overnight mail to their address.  I then think if my friend had "cashed" the check they would then need to return a large portion back to the person who sent it.    The cashiers check, of course, is counterfeit and the one cashing is taking the chance of being caught.    No matter how anyone replied, this is the response received:

Thanks for the quick responses.I live in Texas and my contact address is 75321 Iceberg Lane San Antonio, Texas 78238. I am gifted with one female child Josie, she cherish pet a lot and she spent most of her time with our neighbor's pet and i have promised her your pet ,so i will want you to consider my family for the adoption. And we have a very large yard where pet can play and roam around comfortably if necessary. I can assure you a safety and caring home for your adorable pet and i can as well assure you that i will be sending you the pics of the lovely pet to you after he gets down to our family so that you will know how caring we are for pet because we are not a pet abuser.I am capable of the price.
As regard that shipping of the pet,i will take care of that because i have a reliable and competent pet shipping company that will come to your door step for the pick up of the pet after you might have receive the payment,so you don't have to be bother about the shipping because the shipping company will handle it with care. i will like to proceed to payment as i will need you to provide me with your full payment information such as: Your full name to be written on the cashier check Physical contact address Your area zip code Your Phone numbers for smooth communication.

Hope to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Get back with the below details
1- Name to be written on the certified check
2- Mailing address , No
3- Phone Number
4- City

5- Zip Code

6- State

Regards From me and my family

So just a reminder - if an email seems weird, it likely is.    I have a pet peeve about people using "i" when they should use "I" so I would have probably refused to adopt to them even if they were on the up and up.  ha  Doesn't it seem as if the majority of these scamming emails don't know how to capitalize correctly or use decent grammar! :)   

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun in the UnSun

Boy I wish I had my camera at the ready every time I saw a funny incident regarding the snow and dogs.   Usually I was freezing my patootie off though just being by the door so I wasn't bothering with the photogs!  Two of my own dogs, Hopper and Cooper are really the only two that tolerate snow.   Cooper actually loves it and usually goes bouncing around in the snow like a miniature polar bear.  :)   I love it looking out on the fresh snow and seeing some Cooper tracks in the snow.   Do you remember those Family Circle comics on Sunday that would show Billy exploring the neighborhood with twice as many zigs as he had zags?   That's what our snowy back yard looks like after Cooper is done exploring it.   I can't help but smile to myself and wonder what exactly he was thinking to go in that crazy sniffing pattern in the freezing cold?     Hopper has to bury his face in the snow and always gets this funny snow face.     He hates getting the snow packed between the little pads of his paws, but God forbid anyone try to help him out!  He gets fairly paranoid when he has snow in his pawsl.   Luckily, being a little guy who isn't out in the snow too much - it melts readily once he's inside.   Of course, he's pretty dramatic until it does.   He'll usually stand in that one place holding a paw up looking particularly pitiful.    But, you can not be fooled .... do NOT I repeat do NOT try and get the snow out of his paws for him.  ;)

Being a true south city girl, I choose a lot of my driving route down alleys.    The other day I drove down an alley and I came across this huge dog just rolling in the snow like  it was fresh grass.   It was so adorable - I wish I could have gotten that on camera.   What was especially funny is when he realized he was caught, he looked totally bummed that I ruined his perfectly good snow angel.  :)

Suzie and Tina, true to their breed are horrified by snow and will barely even venture the tip of their nose outside when there's snow on the ground.     I had to put "puppy pads" down for Suzie because there was NO WAY she would even go outside.    Tina, she did go outside ... but just barely.    It was kind of funny - she'd walk out on my porch (it's a wooden porch by the way) talk a couple of steps and start a whizzin'.    She always seems to aim it just right that her pee would fall through the space between the boards so it would make a huge sound as it hit the ground below.   I swear that dog was doing it on purpose.    Of course, I didn't want to go out on the porch myself because there's no way I was ever in the mood to fall on my butt from slipping on some frozen dachshund pee! :)

Here's a great little song made up by someone to the tune of "Let it Snow"

The Dachshund Snow Song
Oh, the weather outside is awful
and it should be unlawful
to make a poor doxie go

It doesn't show signs of stoppin'
so it means that I'll be hoppin'
cause my tummy is way too low-O

When I finally get inside
I'm all tired and wet and beat
So in the bed I want to hide
and only come out for a treat!

Oh the snow is all I'm seein'
How I wish I could be peein'
Anywhere else but OH

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fight Isn't Over

Unfortunately, members of the Missouri Senate have chosen to ignore the results of November's election and are currently in the process of repealing or severely limiting Proposition B.     I have to admit, this is one of the reasons I have to believe so many Americans feel disenfranchised with their government.    We have elections, an official or piece of legislation wins and the opposing side does everything in their power to hinder the effects of the person or legislation.   It makes me want to throw my hands up and just give up.   But you know what, we can't.   We have to continue to have our voices heard because the voices of the dogs aren't heard.

It makes me think of The Lorax who speaks for the trees.    In this situation I would think Dr. Seuss would have him say this instead:   I AM THE LORAX I SPEAK FOR THE PUPPIES,

Well, Missouri, let's stand up together and remind our elected officials that that we haven't lost our voices!  Our Senators work for us.   We pay their salaries and for once, just once maybe they should actually do something the public wants.     

Please contact your Missouri Senator and implore them to fight to keep this legislation in place.   Even better, if you're able - attend the two hearings that are taking place tomorrow and Thursday.    One took place today, but there's a chance to make your presence known.

Look up your senator HERE

A final quote from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss,

"But now," says the Once-ler,

"Now that you're here,

the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.

UNLESS someone like you

cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better.

It's not.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggers Block

I have been having such a hard time trying to think up something amusing and insightful to blog about, but the only topics that come to mind are in regards to how annoyed I am about one thing or another.     Is it the snow?   CHECK  Is it stupid people?  CHECK  Is it family drama?  CHECK   Yes, it's all of the above!!!  : )   Everything is pretty much on my last nerve right now.  :)   Except JTK and my diggie dog zoo, of course.      You might be surprised at how many posts I've started and abandoned ... my heart hasn't been in it.  But today I figured it's better to type up a quick post than to just keep giving up.

Get me outta this damn ex pen NOW!!!
I attended the adoption event on Saturday with Natsumi.    She didn't get adopted, but she did look cute!   One woman walked over to her and she jumped into her arms - YAY that's the way to work it Nachee.   Then, when I come over to talk to the lady about her Natsumi did everything in her power to get out of her arms and into mine.   It's so hard to explain to people that she shows me that much affection because I'm the one who has been taking care of her.    These dogs definitely attach to their new humans quite quickly and in a couple of weeks I'm a fond memory?    But it's so hard to explain that in the moment when it looks like a dog is choosing one person over the other.   Why don't people get offended when baby's prefer their Mamas???    I think it just takes the right combination of me doing a good job explaining the situation and having a person willing to give it a  try.

Available with Seniors for Seniors
One of the other groups at PetCo received an owner surrender of a cute, cute, CUTE 2 year old dachshund named Chelsea.   She is soooo itty bitty I thought she was a puppy.   Turns out Chelsea is an escape artist and instead of fixing the holes in the fence or keeping her on a leash ... they decided to give her up.   How sad.      I'm planning on emailing this picture to my friend Katie because I'm not sure if she'll be able to resist this tiny girl!

While at PetCo, I got to see CoCo.   Nobody has snatched this adorable guy up yet ... why???   He was looking especially cute with his blue bow.   But, I have a theory ...   Put a dog like CoCo in a bow and he has to work extra hard to show what a tough little nut he is! :)    He looks super cute even though I know he was pretty insulted by having a bow in his hair.   He IS a boy. ;)    

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Through the Eyes of Love

TRex ... my crazy little nutjob TRex.     I was thinking this morning why in the world everyone in our group is so crazy about this boy?     Kati told me yesterday at the adoption event that we need to have TRex fan club.   Elisa practically jumps for joy any time I post a new silly pic of him, Virginia has always loved this tubby min pin, Lesa always cracks up at any story I tell her about TRex, and Nicole always comments about how she relates to his craziness so they have a bond.  :)

TRex is a little bit of a loose cannon.   He has very strict boundaries and should another person or dog cross them, he's pretty much pissed for life.    Yesterday a female dog sniffed TRex's private parts and he was FURIOUS.   Any time he even got a glimpse of her he'd growl and bark and act like he wanted to attack her.    Even if she were 4 yards away!   And the thing about TRex, he has a solid memory.    If he runs into this dog in a month - he will still be holding that grudge!   There was a dog in our group named Dave and I don't know what Dave did to TRex, but man did he ever hate that dog.    It was excruciatingly stressful being at the same events together!    Thank goodness, Dave was adopted by his foster Mom and I don't have to plan TRex's attendance based on Dave's presence anymore.

Tina's Mine ALL Mine
TRex's opinion of other dogs can never be predicted.    He is an equal opportunity hater - seniors, adults, puppies, males, females, you name it.     Once I had a couple of  female poodles that I was fostering who were basically twins and he hated one and loved the other.   Right now, he LOVES Tina but he doesn't like Suzie too much.   Tina doesn't like TRex and growls at him if he gets near her, but Suzie seems to be enthralled with him.    She reminds me of how some of us human chicks would act towards a bad boy biker dude.    She can't keep her eyes off of him, she keeps trying to get his attention and she always perks up when he's doing any one of his TRex stunts.   But ... being the perfect bad boy he won't give her the time of day - he instead pursues the one that's hard to get.  :)  AND you'd think he'd get mad when Tina growls at him, but he doesn't care and just keeps trying to get her to love him.

Cooper is in his Sights
TRex HATES our dog Cooper. No matter what Cooper does or doesn't do.    TRex simply has to hear the jingle jingle jingling of Cooper's tags and he goes ballistic. He won't even see him, but he'll hear those tags and get so angry I think he's literally seeing red.    (If you've seen any of TRex's "devil eye" pictures I don't think you'll disagree.  If we're in bed at night and TRex hears the jingle and another dog happens to touch him, he goes nuts. I have to then convince TRex that Cooper is not trying to attack him through the covers.

Snarly Nose Galore!!
TRex has an issue with strangers, especially men.     And even once they're no longer strangers, he still gets mad at them.    My nephew, Tristan, has stayed the night plenty of times and he just LOVES TRex.   TRex, though, has to be obnoxious to my nephew every time he sees him.    Let's say Tristan spends the night on a Saturday.   All day Saturday TRex will bark at Tristan if he moves, but he will allow him to pet him and love him.    As long as Tristan sits still, all is good with the world.   But if Tristan should try to get up and walk across the room you'd think TRex had just encountered a burglar.   By the end of the day, TRex thinks Tristan is great and might even sleep with him for a while.   Then, he'll come to my room and we'll all wake up the next morning.   You'd think TRex would still love Tristan - but, NO!!  We start the process all over again.

TRex has been adopted ONCE and he was returned the next morning.    Because once the people left the living room, he apparently wouldn't let them back in with his ferocious growling.   TRex has NEVER displayed that behavior in my house but for some reason it didn't surprise me.    In the almost two years I've had him, nobody has ever been seriously interested in him - except a family with a baby.   I knew right away that wouldn't be a good fit.   Can you imagine if the kid was playing with a set of keys and TRex remembered the jingle jingle jingling of Cooper's tags???
We have all sorts of ways to calm TRex down.    JTK's favorite is what he calls "Treating him like a parrot."   If TRex is too annoying or angry, we just get a cover and throw it over him.    He just completely settles down and shuts up - it's magic!   It's like he has a reverse invisibility cloak over him.  :)    Another way is to rub both of his ear tips at once.   This is a dog whisperer trick and the only dog it's ever worked on is Rex.   And one of TRex's favorite things in this world is to have his butt rubbed.   I tell you he could be in the middle or thinking about attacking another dog and one butt rub, and he's jelly in your hands.

Speaking of jelly, it's impossible to have anything to snack on in the car if TRex is out of a crate.    He has laser focus when it comes to food and ninja skills to swipe it from any unsuspecting human.   Yesterday on the way to the adoption event, we stopped at BK and I even bought TRex his own breakfast sandwhich and he still was after ours like an insane man.    Why don't I put him in a crate for the ride?   ::sigh::  Because the poor guy gets himself so worked up into a frenzy in a crate, I honestly think he might hurt himself.    He's already a little nutty - put him in a crate and he becomes a nut with superpowers.

JTK computing and rubbing TRex's belly at the same time
And last but not least TRex is NEEDY NEEDY NEEDY.    If I let him, he'd spend his entire day lying on my chest - blocking every view I have so I can only see and adore him.    He has to always be touched constantly by me.    When I'm driving and he's in the car, he has to be on my left leg,  tucked under my left arm while it's on the steering wheel so I'm pretty much hugging him the entire car ride.     One of my friends in the group, Virginia, loves minpins and always counsels me on their mental challenges.  :)   In her opinion, the only way a minpin would be truly happy in regards to the object of their affection is if they could just crawl inside their human's mouth and live inside their body.    I think she's right!  JTK and I have both learned how to do many things with only one hand - it's literally like having a newborn baby in the house that never grows up.    TRex can never be close enough to me or Joey and some days it is exhausting, annoying and infuriating!

Ok, with all that being said -   Why in the world do so  many of my friends just love him beyond belief?   Because I do, and no matter what I say about him or write about him - it's done through the eyes of love.  This crazy little dog who is clearly not the "perfect" dog has totally wormed his way into our lives and our home.    I'm in the process of figuring out how to afford adopting him.  I don't think I could let him go at this point even though it would make our house quieter and more calm.   But you know what, it would be a lot more lonely without him around.   TRex is a misfit, he doesn't quite fit into what is considered normal.   But if given the chance, he can love deeply and is staunchly loyal.    Maybe TRex reminds us all a little bit of ourselves.   

Jingle is TRex's Surrogate Mommy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Joys of GREEN Poop

One of the things I failed to mention yesterday, when I got home some dog had apparently been on my table and had knocked quite a few goodies down to the rest of the troops.   One, was a big pack of Christmas Treats that were green.   I didn't think anything of it as I figured the dogs would surely have shared.  I saw only one treat - and it was in Tina's mouth when I got home  yesterday.   That's a good sign, everyone got a little.   Apparently, Natsumi had far more than her fair share.   This monring on our way to the adoption event JTK and I kept smelling this horrid smell.    But the way I had the crates arranged in teh back seat, along with the ex pen we couldn't see the source.    I was literally praying that it was just TRex farting!   When we got to PetCo, I pulled Natsumi out of her cage and  I just saw some puke.  YAY ... puke is way better than poop and I was so happy and relieved.    What a life I live - deciding which dog bodily odors and secretions are preferable.   Once I got her inside the store(I was carrying her)  I realized things were not as dandy as I assumed.    I quickly noticed some green poop on my hand.    BLECH    Ask anyone who was at PetCo today - I am not exaggerating when I say this picture is the color of her poop.

I ended up having to rush to the bathroom to clean her up.   Well, before I was able to do that she had a good 5 minutes of very gross, very runny, very disgusting GREEN diarrhea.      ugh ugh ugh    I can't tell you how long I spent in the bathroom cleaning up the poop, the dog and me.     Then factor in that Natsumi is nearly blind and the she was just stomping through the green goo over and over and over again made the clean up a little more difficult.     I had to go back into the bathroom just to clean up the floor some more because there were green streaks still on the tile.     I a white shirt on and had to take it off and just wear the long sleeved shirt underneath because I was covered in green poop.   I almost left the event immediately but I stuck around.     Then, every 30 minutes or so I'd hear a "KIIIIMMMMMM" shout from across the store and know it'd be time to clean up some more green poop.     I was telling a friend of mine tonight that when dogs are in an ex pen like Natsumi was, everyone will usually share the duty of cleaning up pee and poop because you're never quite sure if it was your foster or not who did their business.    Apparently, when your foster dog has green poop there is no question who needs to clean it up.  :)

Eeewww - My Poopy Purse
The funny thing is, I wasn't that freaked out by the green poop.   I knew what it was and understood that once she poops it out everything will be ok.    There's a few new people in our group that don't really know me and I could hear all sorts of discussion about the green poop.   I kept explaining to everyone that it was just from treats, blah blah blah, it wasn't flesh eating bacteria or whatever and at one point I was like "So help me God if I have to explain the origins of Natsumi's Green $hit one more time today, I am seriously going to flip out."    After all this time dealing with the green poop,  I came home with crusty green stuff on my pants, my shirt AND my purse.   What a crappy day.  hahahahaha

To look on the bright side of things, I didn't have to clean green poop up in my house - just at PetCo.   Natsumi is apparently feeling fantastic after getting the green gunk out of her system and when I got home I took a 3 hour nap.    Unfortunately, while I was trying to fall asleep I keep thinking in my head to the tune of Purple Rain ... Dark Green Poop   Dark Green poop.    And that, sadly, is not a joke.  

We got to see CoCo today which is the first time since we dropped him off last weekend.   He was thrilled to see us - very cute that he seemed so annoyed by Joey's existence while he was at our house.    But all prejudices are off the table at an adoption event if it means it'll get you out of a crate!   He hopped right up in JTKs lap today as someone was walking him around the store.   We were both completely surprised.   But, hey, the dog just likes this his own way and this afternoon he happened to want to be pet and loved by JTK.  :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Mighty Forefinger

The other night while I was cooking, I reached into a utensil drawer to pull out a pasta spoon and I felt this horrible stinging sensation in my finger    I looked down and I saw the pizza cutter lying there, but there was no way it could have done anything it was so dull.   I don't know how long I stood there - more concerned with WHAT had injured me than the fact I was injured.   Honestly, I think for a moment that a scorpion had been sleeping with my spatulas and ladles.  Then I spotted it ... a vegetable peeler.   Yep, I inadvertently peeled a nice little chunk of finger tip off my forefinger.   Man oh man did it ever hurt, and man oh man did it ever bleed.   It was awful and it's made me appreciate my forefinger so much.    It might be worse because it's on my right hand, but it now takes me 10 minutes in the morning to get my contacts in.   I can't spray my hair spray without howling and to the dogs dismay I am having a very hard time opening dog food cans.   I'll admit it,  any day of the week,  I am a complete and absolute pain wuss.  I still can't believe I ever had a baby.    Whenever I get my various little injuries, I start thinking about all the TV shows and movies I watch where someone has been shot or stabbed and they do something amazing.   I could barely get a band aid on my finger so I understand in that instant how insane Hollywood is.    I hollered at JTK to help me out and said "Hey, you're the boy scout - how do I stop this bleeding?"   My brave boy proceeded to say, "First of all, don't show it to me.   Second of all, calm down."  :)   That was funny - I told him he needs to have his First Aid Badge rescinded. haha    I think I was in shock because I'll generally get a good cry in from any injury.   But not this one, I was too freaked out from all the blood and pain. 

I have this big 'ol band aid covering my forefinger and it's just a horrible spot - no matter what I seem to do I keep whacking it against everything in the universe so it's constantly throbbing and hurting.   Tonight I was giving the dogs treats and Jingle mistook my jumbo band aid as her t treat and she clamped on with the few teeth she has and wouldn't let go.   It still hurts!  How is it that a dog with less than half her teeth can even manage to bite my serious injury?    ::sigh::

I Givez you stink eye for saying I looks like
I eats a whole Chihuahua .... I only
eats HALF at a time
 I had someone call to ask about TRex today, but they unfortunately thought he was a chihuahua.   Yeah, he looks lke he ATE a Chihuahua.  ;)    When JTK and I got home tonight, our back door was wide open.  I  don't know if I forgot to lock it correctly or what.   It seemed from the evidence we gathered, it had happened shortly before we came home.   Maybe that's wishful thinking, but there was a light dusting of snow on our back porch and there were no paw prints.   Fingers crossed - that's all I need is all my hellions loose without us here to supervise.   EEK

Due to my finger and the weather and various aches and pains I'm feeling in my advancing age, I've been in quite the cranky mood for a few days.   I'm feeling very boxed in by various things in life where people have put unwanted  and unnecessary procedures in place.   I have to admit, when it really comes down to it - I'm not a blind follower.   I always looked at myself as such a goody goody but when someone tries to make me do something I don't want to do, and most importantly makes no sense to me - man do I get pissed!    I just want to be left alone, allowed to be myself,  and live, correspond, blog, post, and email in the way I want to.    Why are human beings so intent upon forcing rules and structure where there's no need???  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our house is one dog less with our dog sitting guest gone

We dropped CoCo off today after dog sitting him for a couple of weeks.   I think he knew he was bugging out of our house today, because he earned a new nickname right before he left - PsyhcoCo.   :)   Or, it might have been that I took his shirt off, brushed him and attempted to clip off a "poop mat" and these things in combination sent him over the edge.      He was not happy with me and his cute fluffy self went out the window and his inner werewolf came stomping and snarling in.   haha     CoCo wasn't thrilled with my house.   I have too many dogs and I think he likes a quieter setting.   Plus, he's a serious drama king.   He's got this little thing he does that is very puppy-ish in my mind.    If another dog scares him or he thinks they're going to do something to him, he screams like he's being murdered.    It's unbelievable!   I've fostered puppies who do that too - they start screaming before anyone even touches them.   And, unfortunately, there's nothing Cooper likes more than a screaming dog to make him feel all big and powerful.     So CoCo would scream because Cooper would be too close, then Cooper would start barking and jumping toward him, CoCo would scream louder sounding as if he were bleeding to death, Cooper would bark more and add a few ferocious snarls in...  CoCo would scream more, Cooper would ... well you get the picture.    The sad thing, I totally fell for it.   I would always baby CoCo afterward and pick him up and carry him off to rescue him.  Today Joey saw the whole thing from beginning to end and Cooper never touched him - I had thought he at least had bumped into him or something.    Cooper probably just looked at him mean.    That little fluffernutter, Psychoco,  was probably constantly rubbing that in Cooper's face.  :)

CoCo went back to his original foster home, not the home he was most recently residing in.   I think he'll be very happy being "home" because it's so familiar for him.    I felt bad when I dropped him off, though, and put him in a crate.   I made sure I went back and said goodbye - see I can't even help getting attached to a dog I'm dog sitting!   geesh   No wonder I have such emotional turbulence.   ;)

Today JTK and I had to make a special trip to the bookstore.  I had gotten him a new book for Christmas that I started reading to him and it is awful ... as in terrifyingly awful.   It's called The Monstrumologist and it's an award nominee!   We like creepy books - in fact, we just fnished The Graveyard Book which was a fascinating read.   It's by the same author who wrote Coraline and I highly recommend it!   It's got a bit of a creepy vibe, but it's very cool and full of adventure.    Well, not this new book.    I had to put it down last night after I read "As he spoke, the doctor tapped thin strips of flesh from the forceps into the metal tray, dark and stringy. like half cured jerky, a piece of white material clinging to one or two of the strands, and I realized he wasn't peeling off pieces of the monster's flesh:   The flesh belonged to the face and neck of the girl.  .... He had been cleaning the things teeth."   ACK it's only January 2nd and I'm already in the running for worst Mom of the year.   I decided that wasn't a very good bedtime book so to make things really happy and shiney again, I grabbed an old Dr. Seuss anthology and read a couple of stories out of there.     I had to choose Sneetches which is one of my all time fave Dr. Seuss stories.    Of course, JTK griped and groused - but I saw the little smile on his face as he fell asleep.   I love Dr. Seuss!!    I commented to him today that I know he secretly enjoyed me reading it to him and he acted like it was no big deal, that he didn't mind it at all.    Once again, we have the time warp memory reverso of a 12 year old boy. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One One One One

©2010-2011 ~kiasohma
 01/01/11  Yay - we're here to a new year!!   I can't tell you how relieved I am to be out of 2010.    That was one bitch of a year, I'll tell you that.   Actually, things have been fairly rough since the end of 2006, but 2010 was beyond overwhelming.  I am definitely ready for some breathing room.  :)  I think a lot of people are - a lot of people have been affected this past year from the economy, natural disasters, man made disasters and just some plain old stupidity.    Here's hoping for a wonderful year to all of my friends and family.    Let's hope we have the strength to keep volunteering in the rescue world and help save some more lives this year.   I don't know what it is, but there's quite a few in my "group" of friends that are just a little worn out from the physical, mental and emotional toll that fostering can take.     I don't know if any of it is easy.     First we hear about all the dogs that need help, then we take them in and experience first hand the wretched pasts they've faced,  we might need to love and support them while they recover from and illness, and then in the end we have to say goodbye to a little should that's nestled into our hearts.   Nope, rescue work is not for sissies!  AND, there's no pay involved.  We haven't had an adoption event in two weeks and I have to admit I'm loving it!   I think it has given me a much needed rest and respite so I'll be raring to go next week and hopefully we'll find Natsumi a home in the first few weeks of 2011.

Last night JTK insisted that we stay up until midnight - I have to admit I kind of miss the days when he wasn't ABLE to make it midnight.   Now that I have a job where I get to work early, it is not at all easy for me to stay awake anywhere past 11.     I was sooooo ready to go to sleep last night at 11, but I knew if I did JTK would make me regret (again) one of the Christmas presents I got him - a bag filled with air horns from the dollar store!    I don't know what I was thinking - I had to have been possessed by the  spirit of Bob Cratchit or something.   But, we made it to midnight after all and wished each other a happy new year a toasted with some sparkling juice.    As you can see, Suzie was literally trying to rip open the sparkling juice.   I imagine she and Tina used to partake in wine with their last owner.    They're such salty old gals ...

Today I met some friends at a coffee shop and let JTK stay home with the dogs.   He was exhausted after his late night and actually fell asleep for a nap.   That kid NEVER naps so I let him stay home for a little while alone.   Turns out, TRex completely freaks out when I'm not at home and Joey is - he actually howled while I was gone.  I don't think I've ever heard TRex howl in my life.   Of course, JTK had to egg him on to get it on video.    I guess the crazy min pin DOES love me, huh?     I sure love that little stinker.    Yesterday Joey said to me "TRex is never going to get adopted is he?"   My answer, "Sure, he'll get adopted - he'll just be returned like he was last time."  ;)   There's something very sweet and innocent about TRex but I don't think many people have the patience for dealing with his nuttiness.   

This is a pic of TRex mad as anything that Cooper walked into the room - I think ti's teh "clink clink clinking" of Cooper's tags that drive TRex especially crazy.   Sometimes just be difficult, I'll intentionally clink his tags together.   Poor TRex, how in the world is he ever going to become fully recovered if I continue to trigger him? ;)   Here's our little Cooper feeling content that he managed to get PAST TRex and up on my lap.

Happy New Year everyone!!      And thank you to those of you who really helped me get through 2010 - you know who you are!