Monday, January 31, 2011

Creature Features

I have been a huge fan of creature features ever since I was mesmerized by the giant ants in "Them."  NO, I'm not old enough to have seen it in theatres!! :)   But it was playing some Saturday afternoon when I was a kid.   The more absurd the better, and the cheesier the special effects the more fun I have.   Saturday night I taped the SyFy original movie "Mega Python Vs Gatoroid" so last night JTK, myself and the  the dogs and I settled in for a cold winter's night of some truly guilty pleasure TV  viewing.    The bonus?   This movie starred Debbie Gibson and Tiffany - it was classic.    We had such a fun time.    What was particularly hilarious, though, was that the gateroid reminded us of Tina.     When Tina wants something, she usually does this little half jump where she only lifts her front two paws up.   I know in her mind, she's really making some air with her enormous jumps but in reality the big girl can't quite get enough exertion to get more than half her body off the ground.   I guess she has some gatoroid in her, because the gators infused with steroids were unable to do more than a half jump as well.   Well ... when it fit the story they couldn't do more than a half jump.   But it looked EXACTLY like Tina so we were roaring with laughter.    And some of the sound effects reminded us of TRex ... it was perfect entertainment.

Of course, while we were hanging out Suzie and Tina insisted on cuddling up to Joey.   I got a couple of cute pictures, but trying to get a picture with these 3 subjects is impossible.   Joey always has to make goofy faces, Tina refuses to look at the camera and Suzie's eyes usually have the devil glow thing going on.  :)   

We stopped by PetCo yesterday just to say hi to a couple of people and we saw CoCo for a short time.   Guess what?   It turns out the little guy was later adopted.   I sure hope he's found his forever home.   He's so pretty and has such a big personality he really deserves a wonderful home.   But don't all of these dogs?

Yesterday one of our chihuahuas was returned because the woman was being placed in an assisted living facility.    From the story I heard, it sounded like it was her family's idea and not hers.   And to add insult to injury, the family that decided she couldn't take care of herself anymore couldn't keep her dog for her.   That happens so frequently, I just don't understand it.      Let's say that the family members absolutely could not take the dog, but it seems to me that they might have found someone within their circle of friends or acquaintances that could have helped out.

This little chihuahua, Piper, had a human that loved her with all her heart and she had a great home for a couple of years.   I think it's even harder on these dogs when they know what they've lost.  Some dogs come from such awful backgrounds and they're have to taught how to live in a home with a family.   But this little girl did have a home and though she's in a safe and warm home, with someone to care for her, she has to be so sad.   Today she was so nervous at PetCo, she was shivering.    A kind lady decided she'd buy her a new sweater to help her warm up.    I wish a sweater could warm up her sad little heart.      I wish nursing homes or assisted living places were more accommodating to allow a person's dog or cat to come with them.   I'm sure it would cause a lot more work, but it would definitely bring a lot more joy and love to these places. 
Companion animals are shown to do so much good for sick and elderly people - it just seems like a win win situation to me.   But there I go thinking again! ;)

Right now, I'd like to let loose a gatoroid on the family who didn't step up to the plate to help Piper out.   But isn't that the exact reason we ended up with Suzie and Tina??     Here's Suzie getting ready to give a kiss to her favorite boy.

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