Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our house is one dog less with our dog sitting guest gone

We dropped CoCo off today after dog sitting him for a couple of weeks.   I think he knew he was bugging out of our house today, because he earned a new nickname right before he left - PsyhcoCo.   :)   Or, it might have been that I took his shirt off, brushed him and attempted to clip off a "poop mat" and these things in combination sent him over the edge.      He was not happy with me and his cute fluffy self went out the window and his inner werewolf came stomping and snarling in.   haha     CoCo wasn't thrilled with my house.   I have too many dogs and I think he likes a quieter setting.   Plus, he's a serious drama king.   He's got this little thing he does that is very puppy-ish in my mind.    If another dog scares him or he thinks they're going to do something to him, he screams like he's being murdered.    It's unbelievable!   I've fostered puppies who do that too - they start screaming before anyone even touches them.   And, unfortunately, there's nothing Cooper likes more than a screaming dog to make him feel all big and powerful.     So CoCo would scream because Cooper would be too close, then Cooper would start barking and jumping toward him, CoCo would scream louder sounding as if he were bleeding to death, Cooper would bark more and add a few ferocious snarls in...  CoCo would scream more, Cooper would ... well you get the picture.    The sad thing, I totally fell for it.   I would always baby CoCo afterward and pick him up and carry him off to rescue him.  Today Joey saw the whole thing from beginning to end and Cooper never touched him - I had thought he at least had bumped into him or something.    Cooper probably just looked at him mean.    That little fluffernutter, Psychoco,  was probably constantly rubbing that in Cooper's face.  :)

CoCo went back to his original foster home, not the home he was most recently residing in.   I think he'll be very happy being "home" because it's so familiar for him.    I felt bad when I dropped him off, though, and put him in a crate.   I made sure I went back and said goodbye - see I can't even help getting attached to a dog I'm dog sitting!   geesh   No wonder I have such emotional turbulence.   ;)

Today JTK and I had to make a special trip to the bookstore.  I had gotten him a new book for Christmas that I started reading to him and it is awful ... as in terrifyingly awful.   It's called The Monstrumologist and it's an award nominee!   We like creepy books - in fact, we just fnished The Graveyard Book which was a fascinating read.   It's by the same author who wrote Coraline and I highly recommend it!   It's got a bit of a creepy vibe, but it's very cool and full of adventure.    Well, not this new book.    I had to put it down last night after I read "As he spoke, the doctor tapped thin strips of flesh from the forceps into the metal tray, dark and stringy. like half cured jerky, a piece of white material clinging to one or two of the strands, and I realized he wasn't peeling off pieces of the monster's flesh:   The flesh belonged to the face and neck of the girl.  .... He had been cleaning the things teeth."   ACK it's only January 2nd and I'm already in the running for worst Mom of the year.   I decided that wasn't a very good bedtime book so to make things really happy and shiney again, I grabbed an old Dr. Seuss anthology and read a couple of stories out of there.     I had to choose Sneetches which is one of my all time fave Dr. Seuss stories.    Of course, JTK griped and groused - but I saw the little smile on his face as he fell asleep.   I love Dr. Seuss!!    I commented to him today that I know he secretly enjoyed me reading it to him and he acted like it was no big deal, that he didn't mind it at all.    Once again, we have the time warp memory reverso of a 12 year old boy. 

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