Friday, January 7, 2011

The Mighty Forefinger

The other night while I was cooking, I reached into a utensil drawer to pull out a pasta spoon and I felt this horrible stinging sensation in my finger    I looked down and I saw the pizza cutter lying there, but there was no way it could have done anything it was so dull.   I don't know how long I stood there - more concerned with WHAT had injured me than the fact I was injured.   Honestly, I think for a moment that a scorpion had been sleeping with my spatulas and ladles.  Then I spotted it ... a vegetable peeler.   Yep, I inadvertently peeled a nice little chunk of finger tip off my forefinger.   Man oh man did it ever hurt, and man oh man did it ever bleed.   It was awful and it's made me appreciate my forefinger so much.    It might be worse because it's on my right hand, but it now takes me 10 minutes in the morning to get my contacts in.   I can't spray my hair spray without howling and to the dogs dismay I am having a very hard time opening dog food cans.   I'll admit it,  any day of the week,  I am a complete and absolute pain wuss.  I still can't believe I ever had a baby.    Whenever I get my various little injuries, I start thinking about all the TV shows and movies I watch where someone has been shot or stabbed and they do something amazing.   I could barely get a band aid on my finger so I understand in that instant how insane Hollywood is.    I hollered at JTK to help me out and said "Hey, you're the boy scout - how do I stop this bleeding?"   My brave boy proceeded to say, "First of all, don't show it to me.   Second of all, calm down."  :)   That was funny - I told him he needs to have his First Aid Badge rescinded. haha    I think I was in shock because I'll generally get a good cry in from any injury.   But not this one, I was too freaked out from all the blood and pain. 

I have this big 'ol band aid covering my forefinger and it's just a horrible spot - no matter what I seem to do I keep whacking it against everything in the universe so it's constantly throbbing and hurting.   Tonight I was giving the dogs treats and Jingle mistook my jumbo band aid as her t treat and she clamped on with the few teeth she has and wouldn't let go.   It still hurts!  How is it that a dog with less than half her teeth can even manage to bite my serious injury?    ::sigh::

I Givez you stink eye for saying I looks like
I eats a whole Chihuahua .... I only
eats HALF at a time
 I had someone call to ask about TRex today, but they unfortunately thought he was a chihuahua.   Yeah, he looks lke he ATE a Chihuahua.  ;)    When JTK and I got home tonight, our back door was wide open.  I  don't know if I forgot to lock it correctly or what.   It seemed from the evidence we gathered, it had happened shortly before we came home.   Maybe that's wishful thinking, but there was a light dusting of snow on our back porch and there were no paw prints.   Fingers crossed - that's all I need is all my hellions loose without us here to supervise.   EEK

Due to my finger and the weather and various aches and pains I'm feeling in my advancing age, I've been in quite the cranky mood for a few days.   I'm feeling very boxed in by various things in life where people have put unwanted  and unnecessary procedures in place.   I have to admit, when it really comes down to it - I'm not a blind follower.   I always looked at myself as such a goody goody but when someone tries to make me do something I don't want to do, and most importantly makes no sense to me - man do I get pissed!    I just want to be left alone, allowed to be myself,  and live, correspond, blog, post, and email in the way I want to.    Why are human beings so intent upon forcing rules and structure where there's no need???  

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