Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Joys of GREEN Poop

One of the things I failed to mention yesterday, when I got home some dog had apparently been on my table and had knocked quite a few goodies down to the rest of the troops.   One, was a big pack of Christmas Treats that were green.   I didn't think anything of it as I figured the dogs would surely have shared.  I saw only one treat - and it was in Tina's mouth when I got home  yesterday.   That's a good sign, everyone got a little.   Apparently, Natsumi had far more than her fair share.   This monring on our way to the adoption event JTK and I kept smelling this horrid smell.    But the way I had the crates arranged in teh back seat, along with the ex pen we couldn't see the source.    I was literally praying that it was just TRex farting!   When we got to PetCo, I pulled Natsumi out of her cage and  I just saw some puke.  YAY ... puke is way better than poop and I was so happy and relieved.    What a life I live - deciding which dog bodily odors and secretions are preferable.   Once I got her inside the store(I was carrying her)  I realized things were not as dandy as I assumed.    I quickly noticed some green poop on my hand.    BLECH    Ask anyone who was at PetCo today - I am not exaggerating when I say this picture is the color of her poop.

I ended up having to rush to the bathroom to clean her up.   Well, before I was able to do that she had a good 5 minutes of very gross, very runny, very disgusting GREEN diarrhea.      ugh ugh ugh    I can't tell you how long I spent in the bathroom cleaning up the poop, the dog and me.     Then factor in that Natsumi is nearly blind and the she was just stomping through the green goo over and over and over again made the clean up a little more difficult.     I had to go back into the bathroom just to clean up the floor some more because there were green streaks still on the tile.     I a white shirt on and had to take it off and just wear the long sleeved shirt underneath because I was covered in green poop.   I almost left the event immediately but I stuck around.     Then, every 30 minutes or so I'd hear a "KIIIIMMMMMM" shout from across the store and know it'd be time to clean up some more green poop.     I was telling a friend of mine tonight that when dogs are in an ex pen like Natsumi was, everyone will usually share the duty of cleaning up pee and poop because you're never quite sure if it was your foster or not who did their business.    Apparently, when your foster dog has green poop there is no question who needs to clean it up.  :)

Eeewww - My Poopy Purse
The funny thing is, I wasn't that freaked out by the green poop.   I knew what it was and understood that once she poops it out everything will be ok.    There's a few new people in our group that don't really know me and I could hear all sorts of discussion about the green poop.   I kept explaining to everyone that it was just from treats, blah blah blah, it wasn't flesh eating bacteria or whatever and at one point I was like "So help me God if I have to explain the origins of Natsumi's Green $hit one more time today, I am seriously going to flip out."    After all this time dealing with the green poop,  I came home with crusty green stuff on my pants, my shirt AND my purse.   What a crappy day.  hahahahaha

To look on the bright side of things, I didn't have to clean green poop up in my house - just at PetCo.   Natsumi is apparently feeling fantastic after getting the green gunk out of her system and when I got home I took a 3 hour nap.    Unfortunately, while I was trying to fall asleep I keep thinking in my head to the tune of Purple Rain ... Dark Green Poop   Dark Green poop.    And that, sadly, is not a joke.  

We got to see CoCo today which is the first time since we dropped him off last weekend.   He was thrilled to see us - very cute that he seemed so annoyed by Joey's existence while he was at our house.    But all prejudices are off the table at an adoption event if it means it'll get you out of a crate!   He hopped right up in JTKs lap today as someone was walking him around the store.   We were both completely surprised.   But, hey, the dog just likes this his own way and this afternoon he happened to want to be pet and loved by JTK.  :)

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