Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggers Block

I have been having such a hard time trying to think up something amusing and insightful to blog about, but the only topics that come to mind are in regards to how annoyed I am about one thing or another.     Is it the snow?   CHECK  Is it stupid people?  CHECK  Is it family drama?  CHECK   Yes, it's all of the above!!!  : )   Everything is pretty much on my last nerve right now.  :)   Except JTK and my diggie dog zoo, of course.      You might be surprised at how many posts I've started and abandoned ... my heart hasn't been in it.  But today I figured it's better to type up a quick post than to just keep giving up.

Get me outta this damn ex pen NOW!!!
I attended the adoption event on Saturday with Natsumi.    She didn't get adopted, but she did look cute!   One woman walked over to her and she jumped into her arms - YAY that's the way to work it Nachee.   Then, when I come over to talk to the lady about her Natsumi did everything in her power to get out of her arms and into mine.   It's so hard to explain to people that she shows me that much affection because I'm the one who has been taking care of her.    These dogs definitely attach to their new humans quite quickly and in a couple of weeks I'm a fond memory?    But it's so hard to explain that in the moment when it looks like a dog is choosing one person over the other.   Why don't people get offended when baby's prefer their Mamas???    I think it just takes the right combination of me doing a good job explaining the situation and having a person willing to give it a  try.

Available with Seniors for Seniors
One of the other groups at PetCo received an owner surrender of a cute, cute, CUTE 2 year old dachshund named Chelsea.   She is soooo itty bitty I thought she was a puppy.   Turns out Chelsea is an escape artist and instead of fixing the holes in the fence or keeping her on a leash ... they decided to give her up.   How sad.      I'm planning on emailing this picture to my friend Katie because I'm not sure if she'll be able to resist this tiny girl!

While at PetCo, I got to see CoCo.   Nobody has snatched this adorable guy up yet ... why???   He was looking especially cute with his blue bow.   But, I have a theory ...   Put a dog like CoCo in a bow and he has to work extra hard to show what a tough little nut he is! :)    He looks super cute even though I know he was pretty insulted by having a bow in his hair.   He IS a boy. ;)    

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