Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun in the UnSun

Boy I wish I had my camera at the ready every time I saw a funny incident regarding the snow and dogs.   Usually I was freezing my patootie off though just being by the door so I wasn't bothering with the photogs!  Two of my own dogs, Hopper and Cooper are really the only two that tolerate snow.   Cooper actually loves it and usually goes bouncing around in the snow like a miniature polar bear.  :)   I love it looking out on the fresh snow and seeing some Cooper tracks in the snow.   Do you remember those Family Circle comics on Sunday that would show Billy exploring the neighborhood with twice as many zigs as he had zags?   That's what our snowy back yard looks like after Cooper is done exploring it.   I can't help but smile to myself and wonder what exactly he was thinking to go in that crazy sniffing pattern in the freezing cold?     Hopper has to bury his face in the snow and always gets this funny snow face.     He hates getting the snow packed between the little pads of his paws, but God forbid anyone try to help him out!  He gets fairly paranoid when he has snow in his pawsl.   Luckily, being a little guy who isn't out in the snow too much - it melts readily once he's inside.   Of course, he's pretty dramatic until it does.   He'll usually stand in that one place holding a paw up looking particularly pitiful.    But, you can not be fooled .... do NOT I repeat do NOT try and get the snow out of his paws for him.  ;)

Being a true south city girl, I choose a lot of my driving route down alleys.    The other day I drove down an alley and I came across this huge dog just rolling in the snow like  it was fresh grass.   It was so adorable - I wish I could have gotten that on camera.   What was especially funny is when he realized he was caught, he looked totally bummed that I ruined his perfectly good snow angel.  :)

Suzie and Tina, true to their breed are horrified by snow and will barely even venture the tip of their nose outside when there's snow on the ground.     I had to put "puppy pads" down for Suzie because there was NO WAY she would even go outside.    Tina, she did go outside ... but just barely.    It was kind of funny - she'd walk out on my porch (it's a wooden porch by the way) talk a couple of steps and start a whizzin'.    She always seems to aim it just right that her pee would fall through the space between the boards so it would make a huge sound as it hit the ground below.   I swear that dog was doing it on purpose.    Of course, I didn't want to go out on the porch myself because there's no way I was ever in the mood to fall on my butt from slipping on some frozen dachshund pee! :)

Here's a great little song made up by someone to the tune of "Let it Snow"

The Dachshund Snow Song
Oh, the weather outside is awful
and it should be unlawful
to make a poor doxie go

It doesn't show signs of stoppin'
so it means that I'll be hoppin'
cause my tummy is way too low-O

When I finally get inside
I'm all tired and wet and beat
So in the bed I want to hide
and only come out for a treat!

Oh the snow is all I'm seein'
How I wish I could be peein'
Anywhere else but OH

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