Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Great Day For Not Doin' Nuthin!!

Today, JTK and I stayed home from the adoption event.    It was another lazy day, enjoying just hanging out.   It is so nice not rushing around  having to be somewhere at a certain time.   I swear, my life feels like a daily race.    Every morning I wake up, it's like "And we're off ... AGAIN."  So it's really nice to have a day to play the Wii with JTK, rub the dog's bellys and even do some serious QVC salivating! :)   Of course, we went out for a couple of hours to visit my Mom and Foxie Roxie.     Don't you love this pic of TRex?  It looks so sweet and quiet.   I have a dog bed behind the couch and it's in the window.   During warmer months, the dogs flock to it but on cold days nobody wants to lie next to a chilly window!   With the sun out today, though, TRex couldn't resist the sunniest and most comfortable spot in the house.

I know the dogs love having us around while they nap and snooze and relax.    Suzie was especially thrilled with our presence.   I couldn't believe the number of different ways she would flip her body around to remind both of us that she was in need of a serious belly rub.   At one point, she stood on her hind legs begging for a belly rub and fell backwards against the couch cushions.   We were cracking up.   I wish the picture would have come out clearer, but here she is.

Rub my Belly!!! 

No, Really RUB MY BELLY!!
 Joey had made himself a fancy glass of chocolate milk .... whipped topping and chocolate syrup.   Unfortunately, he left it on the kitchen table, too close to the edge.   Cooper is notorious for figuring out how to knock things off a table or counter so he can gobble it up.   Apparently his skills were a little lacking, though, because the chocolate milk ended up on him and not in his mouth.   

Chocolate Stained Cooper ... blech
I heard a clatter in the kitchen and didn't think much of it.   I was chillin on the couch watching some TV while JTK corresponded on his anime and vocaloid forums in the computer area.   Even when Cooper jumped on the couch beside me and I felt how wet he was it didn't hit me.   I was thinking he might have been outside and rolling in some snow.    But within a few moments, it all clicked.   Coopers wet back + the clatter in the kitchen = A MESS.   eeewwww         I was ultra annoyed and because it was Joey's "fault" he had to bathe Cooper and mop the floor up.   mwahahahaha  I know JTK is thanking God for the Swifter with the wet wipe attachments. :)    Cooper is a true dog and would prefer to be the stinkiest, filtthiest and crustiest dog on the planet.    He finds cleanliness horrendous and detests getting wet.  In this picture,  I think he's singing to himself to the tune of Oscar the Grouch's trash song "I HATE BATHS.... " :)

Am I seriously still wet?????

This morning our day was started with a number of people in our group getting fishy emails in regards to our foster dogs.   I had a friend who was selling some art on CL and someone was using a very similar scam a couple of years ago.   I can't remember exactly how it worked,  but it included the need to send an inflated cashiers check by overnight mail to their address.  I then think if my friend had "cashed" the check they would then need to return a large portion back to the person who sent it.    The cashiers check, of course, is counterfeit and the one cashing is taking the chance of being caught.    No matter how anyone replied, this is the response received:

Thanks for the quick responses.I live in Texas and my contact address is 75321 Iceberg Lane San Antonio, Texas 78238. I am gifted with one female child Josie, she cherish pet a lot and she spent most of her time with our neighbor's pet and i have promised her your pet ,so i will want you to consider my family for the adoption. And we have a very large yard where pet can play and roam around comfortably if necessary. I can assure you a safety and caring home for your adorable pet and i can as well assure you that i will be sending you the pics of the lovely pet to you after he gets down to our family so that you will know how caring we are for pet because we are not a pet abuser.I am capable of the price.
As regard that shipping of the pet,i will take care of that because i have a reliable and competent pet shipping company that will come to your door step for the pick up of the pet after you might have receive the payment,so you don't have to be bother about the shipping because the shipping company will handle it with care. i will like to proceed to payment as i will need you to provide me with your full payment information such as: Your full name to be written on the cashier check Physical contact address Your area zip code Your Phone numbers for smooth communication.

Hope to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Get back with the below details
1- Name to be written on the certified check
2- Mailing address , No
3- Phone Number
4- City

5- Zip Code

6- State

Regards From me and my family

So just a reminder - if an email seems weird, it likely is.    I have a pet peeve about people using "i" when they should use "I" so I would have probably refused to adopt to them even if they were on the up and up.  ha  Doesn't it seem as if the majority of these scamming emails don't know how to capitalize correctly or use decent grammar! :)   


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for posting this. I just got that weird email- THAT EXACT EMAIL- from someone about my foster dog. I searched for the internet address online and saw it in this blog post. I knew it was fishy. Thank you!

  2. i got that today too. i had already said i wasnt interested before i looked the information up and sure enough i was right that this was a scam.

  3. I received this same email yesterday and though it wasn't right. I forgot to put a price in and the email stated the price was good and then if they are looking to adopt a dog why are they so familiar with a dog transporting company? I sent them these questions. Obviously, no response. My husband said that if they didn't know how to type he didn't want the dog going there anyway :)

  4. We just received the same email here in Columbus, Ohio. To adopt a cat. Thanks for

  5. Just received the same email to adopt a cat as well in Louisville, KY. All of the responses I have received for adoption seem like scams. I am more worried about them mistreating the animal once they receive it (i.e., testing, or something unpleasant). Not sure why anyone would pay to ship an animal anywhere since there are tons of dogs and cats available in any nearby city.

  6. I got this same email from "Tracy Jamiane" . I did a google satellite map on the address, and it looks like a crappy trailer park (and there are certainly no nice big yards). I was trying to get a special needs cat a home, and it is disgusting that people are so dishonest. I hope money is all she's trying to get and not the actual pets for dogfighting bait, etc.