Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Anubis is a god of Ancient Egypt, a guardian of the dead.  JTK has been obsessed with Egypt for quite a while and I have to admit his fascination with Anubis and Bastet have rubbed off on me.   I was convinced he was going to be an Egyptologist when he grew up except I miscalculated one thing ... dead people.    Joey's not a fan of staring dead people in the eye ... even if they have been dead for thousands of years.   :)    We've buried fish, wild bunnies, wild birds, mice, etc while reading from The Book of the Dead.   Last year, JTK luckily was able to actually visit Egypt with his Dad and Step Mom.   It was definitely a dream come true for him and I'm so happy he got to experience such a wonderful trip - it's not something many people can say they've done.     Right now we're even reading a book about a young girl in the middle of a mystery in Egypt.     It's fun to read because when certain temples are mentioned, Joey knows exactly what they're talking about and he can give me a more detailed explanation wtih some behind the scenese info.   And, yes, we watch The Mummy trilogy repeatedly.  :)   So it would  only makes sense that I would want a Pharaoh Hound.   Aren't they amazing looking?   But they're not a common breed at all and they're too big for my little house.    In the picture below, which I took off the Internet they look like statues don't they?    A very majestic looking species of dogs. 

Ah well, I have my own miniature version of a Pharaoh Hound in the form of TRex.  I try frequently to get pictures of him that remind me of the classic statues of Egypt showing a jackal reclining.    TRex definitely has some Pharaoh Hound in him, doesn't he?    He's still convinced that taking pictures of him is an attempt to steal his soul.   He has some of the sweetest, most expressive looks I've ever seen in a dog.   I was able to snap these two pictures last night while Joey and I were playing Pokemon .... old school card game!   TRex couldn't believe we weren't sitting on the couch with him, giving him an opportunity to sit on a human in whatever way would make them most uncomfortable.  :)    Oh yeah ... we got a new couch off CraigsList - our old one was over 8 years old and pretty shot.   Too bad - it was a great background color for pictures.     Blue will do too, though. 

TRex is doing well.  In fact, he's doing better and better all the time.    He really has found a place here with Joey and I.    I truly don't think anyone would have tolerated his first year.   He really had a lot to learn about being in a home and  around people.   He can still be a little clumsy with his social skills, but that's ok.   We love him just the way he is and we're willing to be patient, gentle and kind in allowing him to continue to learn his way around life not in a puppy mill prison.

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