Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is Baby Headed to 'Bama?

I exchanged a few emails with a woman in Alabama today that may adopt Baby.    Her 12 year old Boston Terrier passed away a week ago today.    I feel so much sadness for the people who have to experience that loss.    Her little guy was named Tanner and he was a Katrina dog she was fostering that she ended up adopting.   

I admit that I prefer adopting my fosters out to people that I have email and phone conversations with.   I get a really good feel of people by how they present themselves in email and how they type.  I love email but unfortunately it gives people carte blanche to be assholes while hiding behind a computer screen.   It drives me crazy how  rude and downright evil will be when they don't have to say something to your face.   I understand that email allows for a lot of misunderstanding because you can't see someones expression or the inflection in their voice.    But that's not what I'm talking about, though!  And I'm sure all of you have experienced those annoying cowardly bully emailers.   Heck, some of us have even had to experience the very same CBEs! ;)   blech to them!!   

I think it says a lot about a person when are able to exude genuine warmth through the words typed on a page.    It might not make sense,  but I seem to make really good decisions based on multiple emails from someone.    And I LOVE this woman.   She's so kind, sweet and open.   I like it when people email me little pieces of information about themselves - it gives me a glimpse into the life that the foster will be living.   She has a 13 year old son, she's about my age, and she volunteers for a rescue group in a non foster capacity.      I really hope things work out for her and Baby.

Baby is doing great - she's getting more and more outgoing every day.   Of course, I don't think she'll ever show the "bully" of her breed but she is getting more playful and she's even started barking.   Oh my gosh, it only happens once in a while but it really freaks me out.   I'm always surprised by it and at first can't figure out what that noise is! HA   It's kind of like a howling/bark combination.      She's only barked about once every other day since Friday, and unfortunately, she decided to let her one bark out yesterday morning at 4:30!!  geesh Baby

If this works out it will certainly be interesting - Baby's original Foster Mom is from Alabama!  Maybe Baby's been wanting to go to Sweet Home Alabama all along. :)


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  1. Did I hear a Bark... Sounds like a Roll Tide... Baby it is time you came back to Bama! We are working on getting you to come to your Forever Home! We look forward to meeting you! My Profile picture is of Tanner who is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me! Melisha