Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Keep a Passel of Dogs Occupied

Tina looking super cute with her "perked ear" look
Yesterday I started a massive cleaning campaign in my house.   It's a perfect time - JTK is with his Dad for the weekend and I wasn't going to an adoption event.   No matter how much I tell myself I'll do a ton of chores on an adoption weekend, I always end up too exhausted to do anything.    Plus, my little hoarder in training, JTK, will invariably get upset if I throw something away that might cause a crisis if I even consider throwing it away in his presence.  :)

Cooper has a big boy bone

I woke up yesterday morning ready to clean, clean, clean.   I don't know what it is about cleaning (Maybe I don't do it enough - haha) but the dogs generally flip out and try to turn it into some sort of play time.    Especially TRex - he's the worst.   If I lean down to pick something up, he'll usually grab at my hands to play.  You'd think the world is about to end when they see a broom in my hand. ;)

See Rex's tongue??

So yesterday before I started cleaning I broke out this package of treats that was called  Smokehouse   Variety Pack.   It's actually pretty disgusting, it's filled with all sorts of leftover parts from cows and pigs,  but did the dogs ever love it.  Not only did it have the usual giant bones and hooves but it also had some extremely nasty esophagus.   eeeewww   That was the favorite of the dogs - there was a couple.  I think one was from a cow and one from a pig.   yuck yuck yuck   I hate giving the dogs stuff like that because I have to touch it.     You'd think I'd be ok with that stuff - give me nasty diarrhea any day over touching some sort of "real" animal dog treat.    But they love it.    AND most importantly it kept them quiet for HOURS! :)    So it kept them occupied and I was able to clean.  

Tina attacking her bone!

What was really unique about this set of treats is there wasn't the usual "I have a delicious treat, but I must steal yours because it looks so much better than mine does" constant behavior.    Everyone pretty much stuck to their own treat and only snatched each others if they were wandering around the house and happened to find an unsupervised treat.

This bag of 8 treats was kind of high, it was about $15.00  but if I think of how much I'd spend on buying those items separately it was really a good deal.      Does anyone get real stuff like this from their butchers?   I might consider this ... let me know if you've done it.

The nasty cow esophagus .... blech says Kim

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