Monday, May 16, 2011

Thoughts of good health to Frankie

I found out today one of my previous fosters had a seizure last night.   His Mom rushed him to the vet and he's doing well.    I know Amy loves Frankie so much and they've become the perfect pair.    Everyone keep good thoughts going for Frankie and Amy.     I'm so proud of the wonderful home he found with Amy.    Frankie came from a puppy mill and has hardly any teeth.  When he was with me, his name was Barkley and he was one of those dogs that was very territorial of his human.   It could be a little difficult keeping Frankie satisfied with the amount of undivided attention he prefers.  :)     Amy having no other dogs in her home was the perfect home.    She's treated him like a little prince and takes the funniest pictures with him.    He gets cute headgear for every holiday and he's even been seen sporting swim glasses and a life vest while swimming.    This is Frankie celebrating Easter.    Amy is a great person and Frankie is a great dog.    I love them both and hope to hear soon that everything is great with both Frankie and Amy.
Hugs and prayers are going out to you two!   If everyone would join me in sending out positive thoughts, prayers, angels, whatever is your preferred way way of  keeping someone held in  loving energy.

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