Friday, May 13, 2011


Well I learned a very good lesson the other day - I was home sick from work a couple of days this week.    I  actually went into work late on Monday but was immediately sent back home.   On my way home, I decided to stop by a Red Box and rent a couple of "R" rated movies since JTK wouldn't be around.   I happen to love spooky movies - not the gory kind, but the creepy, suspenseful atmospheric kind that usually centers around ghosts or other supernatural stuff.   Of course, they always scare the b'ejeesus out of me and I honestly refuse to go into the basement for a couple of days after watching one.   Sadly, that is not a joke.   I always have to pace myself and I don't rent these types of movies once a week or anything - remember ... I gotta pace myself or I'll have non stop nightmares and flip out at every noise I hear.  :)    And, yes,  there are a couple I outright refuse to watch.   I can't even watch the ads for "Paranormal Activity" or "Insidious."   EEKKK - I get totally freaked out.        So I figured Monday was perfect day to watch a spooky, but not terrifying movie.   Not only wasn't JTK there to be traumatized by  overhearing the movie, but it was also freakin' daylight.   Perfect scary movie watching time for Kim!  woohoo   

So, I'm lying down in my bedroom and I'm watching "Case 39" - of course it's not the scariest movie nor is it  the best scary movie but it is scary  I am watching it and I am home alone.    All of the sudden my dog Cooper comes streaking into my room for no reason acting like he's running from something and I about have a conniption fit.   I just hate it when dogs start doing stuff like that or start barking at thin air.   Oh yeah, I refuse to watch "The Haunted" on Animal Planet ... toooooo creepy for Kim!    So, after being startled by Cooper (and watching a scary movie ALONE)  all the sudden I hear this awful, horrible guttural sound which literally sounds like a demon.   (Yes the movie is about a demon)  So I totally freak out and I'm about to bolt from my room to safety when I notice ....  it's just Piko and he's pissed that Cooper came in so quickly.   It's Piko and his itty bitty brat self letting all the bigger tougher dogs know he's boss.   Geesh Piko!!    Seriously - scared the crap out of me.    Is there no wonder why I watch these movies only during the day?    I will not be watching  another spooky movie with Piko (Butterscotch) around.  :)

I have to admit, I really love having Piko as a foster.   He is fun dog to have around.    Isn't it one of the best feelings in the world to have a dog that is so beyond happy to see you when you walk in the room?   They're sad to see you go and they want to be by your side as much as possible?   Piko's happiness at seeing me when I come home definitely gives me warm and fuzzy feelings!     And what makes him even better to have around is that  he lets me know almost every minute of the day that I am absolutely his most favorite person on the planet.   Who cares if he's vocal?   Who cares if he's a poor scary movie viewer?   He's a sweetheart and definitely brightens my day with his kisses, wiggles and overall joy at being in a loving home.      He's a sweetie pie and whoever adopts him is going to have a great companion for a long time to come.     When we see a dog get this close to us, we know that they will easily be able to transfer their love to the person who welcomes them into their homes for the rest of their lives.    Sometimes potential adopters get worried that these dogs will carry a torch for their foster family, but I have no doubt that we're quickly replaced.    We see it time and time again.    A foster we've had in our home just adores us and then when they move on to their "real" family, they don't even recognize us after a few months of not seeing us.  That's ok - that's how it's supposed to be.   We're just a pit stop on their way to Happily Ever After.

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