Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dachshund Day Out

On The Road Again and Lovin It!
 After a nice late morning nap, I took Suzie and Tina out to LUCKY DOG in Webster Groves so they could get their nails trimmed.   About once a month there's a service that benefits the Gateway Lo-Downs, a local Dachshund Society.   Suzie and Tina just love, love, love going out in public.    I put on these cute little harnesses and they immediately knew they were going somewhere.   Unfortunately, so did all of the other dogs and boy were they annoyed.    They actually try to prevent me from putting on whatever outfit, collar or harness needed.   TRex is the worst - but Piko is coming in at a close second.   He actually jumped on my back while I was trying to maneuver the harnesses on to Tina.  :)

Puppy Latte - YUM
We first made a stop at Starbucks so I could get some delicious, overpriced caffeine and a couple of puppy lattes.    I never knew about this until almost a year ago, but you can get a free little container of whipped cream for dogs.   Different Starbucks do it differently - some put them in a lid, others put them in small cups.   No matter the packaging Suzie and Tina just love this stuff.    Tina was on the floor of the passenger side of the car and as soon as she saw that Puppy Latte being passed through the window she started barking her head off!   They both had one and it kept them mighty busy for about 10 minutes.     It's really cute to watch them.   I was about to take an awesome picture of the puppy latte and out of nowhere - SUZIE!   Sorry the picture's blurry but a 12 year old doxie can get pretty fast when a Puppy Latte is involved.  ;)

Coolest Leash Selection ... ever
While we were at Lucky Dog, we bought some delicious yummy treats for the rest of the dog family.   I can not encourage people enough to shop at LUCKY DOG.    The owner and then we headed over to  of the shop is one of the kindest people in the world.   Her name is Beth and she remembers all of her dogy and human customers and has a heart of gold.    Make sure to stop in and buy any of their beautiful collars and leashes  or any of their other awesome merchandise.      After our fun time at Lucky Dog, we headed over to PetSmart because I needed to get some cat food but I also wanted to buy some "No Go" spray.    TRex is a terrible marker, which makes the rest of the male dogs want to mark as well.  I am sooo sick of all the marking!!   I have this adorable dog bed I want to put in my room but I don't want everyone wizzin' on it.   I'm going to try this stuff out and I hope it works.    Belly Bands do not work on TRex - he's like a horse when you try to put a saddle on one that doesn't like to be ridden.   He literally pushes out his stomach so when you think you've got it secured tightly, he inhales, stands on his hind feet and steps out of it.     So, we'll see if this stuff works.   Fingers are crossed!!

I also got a couple of HUGE squeaky toys while we were at PetSmart.    I had Suzie and Tina in the cart and you know how they have toys right by the register?   It's just like little kids - Tina totally fell in love with this billy goat toy.   They were on clearance for $2.97 so I got them each one - a billy goat and a pig.    Tina never plays with toys, but she was actually having fun with this guy today.  However ... Queen of Everything Suzie has taken it over.   It's hilarious to see her drag it around - it's pretty much half as big as she is.  :)

Nothing like Sissy Love
All in all, it was a good day to be a dachshund in our household.   I look at Suzie and Tina and I have to say I feel so warmhearted every time I know we've given them a loving home.   They were so sad and miserable and lonely and confused that first week they came to us as fosters.   It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen and that's one of the reasons we ended up with them - I couldn't imagine breaking their hearts again.    And I definitely couldn't separate them.   Look at these pictures - they're always side by side.   Even in the pic with the stuffed toy, you can see Tina's collar in the background.    These two are family and they deserve to spend the rest of their days together, loved and pampered.

If you know of anyone that would love to bring a pair of bonded dachshunds into their home - let me know.   These two sweeties ended up in a shelter in MO due to a family member being too old/ill to take care of them.   (Sound familiar, Suzie and Tina???)    They're such cuties and they're terrified at the shelter.   They are definitely a matching set - no separation.   Aren't they sweethearts?    Their names are Dori and Nemo and they're 7 & 8 years old.   They're in Columbia, MO so spread the word to help these two out.   They're sweet, sweet dogs when they're together - they're house AND crate trained - and they've been around kids between 7-14 years old.   Sounds like a super set of doxies.     If you can help them out - here's the contact number  (573)443-7387 x210.   It's a direct line to the foster/rescue coordinator named Katie.

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