Sunday, May 22, 2011

A T-Rexiffic Weekend

Striking a very handsome, "Anubis" pose
 This weekend I spent a lot of time with Trex.   Yesterday  was an adoption event and I took Piko and TRex with me.   I was by myself - no JTK beccause he went camping with boyscouts this weekend.   I have to tell you, I was not looking forward to  4 hours of dealing with the Drama Pom Piko and TRex my own personal living breathing example of neurosis.     When we got to PetCo we discovered the store was in the middle of a remodel and our group was split into sections on either side of the store.    In some ways it was annoying, but in other ways it felt ok because it wasn't so hectic.    I'm sure we were also not so hectic because it was Bark in the  Park yesterday.    One of my favorite people who works at PetCo, Annie, was telling me all about the changes that are in store for PetCo.   Very exciting - apparently all PetCos are being remodeled. 

Slim & Trim! with just the
right amount of hair!!
I discovered that Piko tolerated the crate if I sat beside him and I did NOT hold Rex in my arms.   Of  course, TRex will never ever deal with a crate so I always keep him on a leash.    Everyone was commenting how great he looks - how he's slimmed down, etc.   It was nice to hear because I used to always hear how TRex looked like a sausage or a football - but not anymore.    I take it so personally when someone acts like one of my fosters aren't perfect.   How dare they!!!   Yesterday and lately I've been hearing about his hair loss AARRRGGGHHH     TRex has always had hair & skin issues - he's been tested for mange and even a thyroid problem.   There's nothing wrong with him - he just has "receding bodyline" issues.  :)  I think it's just from his high strung personality and the fact he was locked up in an awful place for the first 6 years of his life.  Quit dissing my Rex!!!

Who Looks More Nervous???
Poor Rex had a bit of a traumatic day yesteray.   He received his vaccinations AND he got his nails trimmed.   I had to quit watching him get his nails trimmed - he looked so unhappy and if he saw me he just looked at me imploring me to rescue him.    Poor guy - he is such a sensitive little man.    His nails are in fantastic shape, though.

When we got home I thought I was going to nap but Diva Tina decided she needed to go outside and sun herself right as I fell asleep.   ::sigh::   Then when I got back in bed after Tina was sufficiently sunned, I discovered my bedroom TV had suddenly broken.   ugh  I could not fall asleep.   I browsed on Craigslist and found quite a few inexpensive choices but I didn't make any calls.    The one problem I have with CL is that there are often too many choices.    That's why sometimes I'll just buy something new instead of finding a good used one online.  If I go to Target or something they're not going to have too many in my budget so the decision will be fairly easy.   But on CL, I can find about a dozen to  choose from just from 1-2 days of postings.    Mental overload .... error ..... error ..... error.   Finally I decided to concentrate only on south city or south county.   I made about 3 phone calls and one email - the first person who responded I bought a new tv within the hour!   I don't need a flat screen TV, I've never had one.   So I got a very nice 25' Sony TV for $50.  woohoo    Beautiful picture .... I'm so excited.

After I cut grass this morning, JTK and I took TRex over to my Mom's to visit.   My brother and my  nephew were there.    Tristan (my nephew) LOVES TRex - he thinks he's the coolest dog in the world.   TRex loves visiting La La - which is what JTK has always called his Grandma since he grew up on Teletubbies ... hey at least he doesn't call her Tinky Winky.   haha    My Mom's dog, Foxie Roxie, is so spoiled and so picky.   My Mom will give her all sorts of treats that she will refuse so TRex knows he needs to do just a little investigative work and he'll find some yummies.   What's so funny is that when he finds one, he gets himself into a frenzy trying to "bury" it in the living room somewhere.   Invariably, Foxie Roxie will find it and suddenly think it's the most delicious thing and she'll take it.    Then, TRex finds it's missing and has a minor breakdown.    This is a pretty constant back and forth the whole while we're there.

Waiting Expectantly At Lee's
One our way home, we stopped at Lee's Chicken and TRex was in a frenzy trying to get to the food.   JTK  and I could hardly stop laughing at his frenzy.    When we were waiting at the fast food window for the chicken, I kept trying to get a picture of TRex in his super frenzy glory but it just does not capture on film well.  :)    All in all it was a good weekend and I feel like a very good Foster Mom for making sure TRex is current on vaccinations, has pretty toenails and then got to be spoiled for an afternoon to make up for the traumas of yesterday.  :)

One of my favorite things in the world is to have conversations with JTK talking as TRex.    He's very dramatic and likes to cuss A LOT.    Today he got to tell Joe all about how he was injected with acid, poison and truth serum yesterday and then to top it all off his toenails were amputated.   If nothing else, I make myself laugh like crazy!   Heck, I'm cracking myself up now thinking about it.


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