Monday, April 2, 2012

Seriously guys???

One of my many trash pick up days
Over the past few weeks I have invited a trash attacking canine demon into my home.   I'm not completely sure who it is - in fact, I think this demon may be teaching other dogs in the house to topple the juiciest and nastiest trash over on to the kitchen floor.   I can tell you who it isn't - it is NOT Hopper, Cooper or Charlie and the only reason I know that is because I keep them separated in a different area away from my cat.     You understand the point of demon dogs toppling over trash cans, don't you?  They're not just wanting to see the different items in the trash.   Nah, they then drag the nasty, dirty trash to every corner they can reach.    And if they become particularly attached to a piece of trash, they will definitely pee on it.   SCREAAAAAMMMM     Over the weekend I was in a huge cleaning frenzy and I had to run to the grocery store for a few supplies.   I completely forgot about the trash and when I came back they had spread it all over the place.   But this time, there was a pouch of spoiled dog food in the trash that someone drug into my room.   EEWWWW   that was one of the sickest smells in the world and it took me the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday to get rid of it.   I had found the empty pouch quickly enough, but rancid smells are not easy to erase.   I burned a candle, mopped, laundered my bed clothes, sprayed air freshener, etc, etc.

Since I began fostering, I quickly learned to keep the trash can up off the floor.   Often times I don't even know when I have a trash attacker as a foster because they generally can't reach the trash can.   Only when they go on to their forever home do I hear about their Oscar the Grouch tendencies.    I foster small dogs so I can use a chair or a stool or something similar to keep the trash safe.   Right now, this is not working.   I've tried blocking the trash can by shoving it between my refrigerator and wall and added a barricade for good measure.   Did that work?  Nope     The past few days we've decided to sequester the trash can in the bathroom, in the bathTUB with the door closed.    Worked perfectly!!   For a couple of days, that is.    Tonight when I came home - the bathroom door was open and a good part of my shower curtain was destroyed as someone was desperately trying to get to the yummy delicious trash.   Wait a sec ... other than my shredded shower curtain it WAS a success because they didn't get to the trash, right?  (Just the shower curtain)

Yes, I am frustrated.   Yes, I'm even pissed off.   And, yes, I'm at my wit's end.  But you know what?  I'll figure it out.   I have made a promise to these dogs - not just our permas, but our foster dogs and a dog we're dog sitting for an indefinite period of time.    This is not a casual decision and I think that's what frustrates me so much about people giving up on dogs too quickly.    I was emailing with a friend of mine who adopted one of my most difficult fosters and she was telling me that she does second guess her decision to adopt a couple of dogs at times but her commitment to her dogs and our organization is too great for her to to do anything but keep on keeping on and loving these little guys.    Thanks Robin!!

It's a tricky situation to be annoyed by because we don't want our foster dogs to live a miserable life and be disliked because of their behavior.   We just want them to be given a fighting chance.   It's funny I think our society gives up on marriages and rescued animals too easily.    There's probably some wonderful tidbit in there for a therapist to get a hold of and cure me of all my nuttiness.   But until then, I'll watch out for my son, myself and our diggie dog zoo.

Why the tulip picture?  Because it's spring and tulips are one of my favorite flowers (pink one specifically) and I took the picture.   AND it's purty.  :)

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