Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two days until the big ... ONE - THREE

Yep, Joey is going to be 13 on Saturday, unbelievable.    I just spent the last little while wrapping presents for him.    Here's the packaged up  presents.    Even though you can't see what's inside,  - please note the majority of them are Japanese.    Boy, Japanese CDs and DVDs are quite a bit higher than the regular 'ol American kind.    I got him a couple of anime related tshirts, some anime and Japanese DVDS, a CD of Gack (hard rock Japanese guy) t and a CD of the original Piko!   One of the things I'm really happy about this tshirt I bought that's kind of an inside reference for the anime series Bleach.   In the series, soul reapers battle "hollows" which are souls who have lost their hearts.    They have a big hole in the middle of their chest, therefore hollows.  I found a tshirt that has a hollow hole on it.     Very few people will understand what it is and since he likes to be a little quiet or shy about his likes.   And  I really like the pillow cover of Tina - is it too adorable?   My plan is for him to have that at his Dad's house where they aren't allowed to have any animals.     I wanted to show it to Tina, but who knows what she would do.    She'd destroy the imposter.  ha ha

Guess who is NOT a good wrapping partner of a dog?   You guessed it ... PIKO!!   He can not bear not having the potential of being the center of attention.   For goodness sake ... if there's a semi clear coffee table then he clearly should be in the middle of it not some pesky presents.   I couldn't even imagine how he'd react to Christmas.    Who knows - he probably wouldn't even notice a tree and presents because he's so busy making sure the world is revolving around him.

Piko makes me laugh so much.   We have this little game where I do this crazy bark at him while he's lying on a pillow next to me on the couch arm and just flies up into the air and into my arms to "wrestle" with me.   If they were looking to re-cast Tigger, this dog could do it.   He is such a silly jumper.    I love this little dog - I hope he finds the perfect home soon.    He deserves a family that will love and cherish him as much as he knows he should be.    A couple of weekends ago a family was considering adopting him and as soon as I heard the father refer to him as "that thing" I knew they were not a good fit.    This sweet little dude being called a THING ??   I was highly offended and so was Piko.       Anyone who wants to call Piko a "thing" need not apply to adopt him.    Now if someone wants to call him a "King" then that family is probably a good fit.

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