Monday, November 21, 2011

Help a Dooley Out!

One of my friends in the group, Becky, is going through a really hard time with one of her perma dogs.   One of her dachshunds, Hazel, is exhibiting paralysis in her hind legs.    This, unfortunately, is something that can happen with these long dogs and is called going "down in the back."     There's a very good chance that Hazel will recover but for the time being this sweet girl needs A LOT of Becky's time, energy and attention.      Hazel can't do anything really for herself so Becky is losing a lot of sleep and focusing almost 100% on Hazel.

Right now, Becky has an awesome foster dog named Dooley.   He's a Shar Pei/Shepherd mix and is really a stunning dog.    He also happens to love sitting in chairs.  :)   He's been trained really well by Becky - sit, stay, etc, etc.    He's tolerant of a number of dachshunds in her home as well.    Dooley even attended a training "boot camp" because he was showing a little possessiveness of his humans when company came over.    He has really overcome that behavior, but will need to be watched for a bit in his new home to see how he interacts with visitors.  

Becky really needs someone to take Dooley while she focuses on Hazel.   Because Dooley is a bigger dog, I can't foster him at all.  I wish I could but I know my neighbor would really be calling the health department if she saw a dog bigger than a cat in my house!   This seems to be a tricky time to find a foster home due to the holidays coming up, homes being filled with company and people going out of town.

Becky is one of the best people I've ever met in rescue.    She will do anything she can to help a dog or a person out that needs it.   She seems to gravitate toward dogs in high kill shelters that aren't "perfect" looking.   In fact, they often have to overcome some hair loss or some other issue while in her care.   When Dooley came to Becky he had bald spots all over him - he was quite a sight.   But after a lot of love and care, Dooley's coat came back so beautifully he actually needed to be groomed and have his fur shaved.

If you can possibly foster Dooley - or even better Adopt Dooley - please contact me.    I will get you in touch with Becky who really, really  needs some help.   And if you can't help out with Dooley, do us all a favor and say a few extra prayers for Becky and Hazel.

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