Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not So Happy Holidays

One of the saddest things I learned about when I got into rescue was the fact that Federal holidays often speed up or increase the numbers of animals that are put to sleep.    Whether it's 4th of July, Christmas or Thanksgiving Day animal control facilities are generally government entities and are not open on holidays.    Due to the fact the building will be closed, a "clearing out" of the animals takes place the days leading up to a holiday.    Therefore, there's also a scramble by rescue groups to try and pull as many dogs as possible.    It just doesn't seem fair to know the majority of people will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, but an extra number of animals will lose their life this week because they were unlucky enough to be in a pound before a major holiday.

Today an email was circulated about a local pound that needs a commitment for 11 dogs and 9 cats by 4:00 pm tomorrow - Monday November 21st.     And then another 7 cats and 3 dogs by 4:00 pm on Wednesday November 23rd. 

This is a cat that has until 4:00 pm tomorrow to be tagged for rescue.    This picture breaks my heart because she's obviously so sweet because she's rubbing up against the cage:

2 year old Female Cat

Here's a dog that has the saddest eyes, and he has only until 4:00 pm tomorrow as well.

Boxer Mix - 1 1/2 years old

It just sucks - no way around it.

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