Saturday, December 31, 2011

There Goes Charlie ...

Handsome Charlie
Charlie, a beautiful dachshund foster I took in back in November was adopted today.   He was adopted by a beautiful family and I am so excited for his future.   Charlie is a GREAT dog - he's housebroken, affectionate, funny and just down right beautiful.   I chose not to put him on Petfinder for a while because I just wanted to keep a sweet dog around through Christmas.    I finally put him on Petfinder on Tuesday and immediately had 2 families interested.

Charlie was an owner surrender from a sweet family in Illinois who was having trouble with their young toddler and Charlie getting along.   I admit that usually I get very judgemental about owners surrenders but I learned my lesson this time about how heartbreaking it is for everyone involved.     The family that gave him up actually interviewed me to decide if they would let me take him into our group as a foster.   When they dropped him off, he was so sad to see them leave and he cried all night.   It was pitiful.   Charlie was adopted by his Dad when he came home from the Iraq war 4 years ago.    His Dad was really close to him and it became obvious very quickly that Charlie loves being around men.   He quickly bonded with JTK and that first night the only way he would stop crying was if JTK would hold him.    One of my friends dubbed him the dachshund whisperer.  ;-)

Charlie and JTK
The first weekend we had Charlie we took him to the Holiday Magic event and he did wonderfully.   He dealt with all sorts of kids and loved all the attention.   Anyone that ever meets Charlie loves him and if that person dares to stop petting him, he moans and groans and barks and yaps until they come back.    One of my favorite things about dogs is how expressive they are.    This past week when it snowed and we woke up in the morning Charlie absolutely didn't want to go outside.     I had to pick him up to carry him outside and when I did he just started groaning and moaning - it was hilarious!  It was so obvious he was in misery at the thought of going outside.

Charlie's NewFamily
I found out today that the Dad in Charlie's new family is also and Iraq war vet - that was a huge sign to me that he's meant to be with his new family.   I even got a hug from the Dad!!  

I also got to visit with a couple of my favorite people in the world - the ones who adopted Velma (previously Calypso) and they made a huge gift to our group.    They had their family donate money to St. Louis Sr. Dog Project instead of exchanging gifts.   I'm blown away - that is one of the most giving and selfless things I've ever heard of.   No wonder I like these two humans so much!! :)     Katie fell in love with my other foster, Trooper, and she absolutely spoiled him while we visited.    Trooper will be highlighted in a blog tomorrow or the next day.   He has a very cool story and as usual, he's one of my favorite types of dogs - one that fits in well on my island of misfits.  :) 

I'm glad I met Hollie and her family and got to see Katie and Dan - it was a good day and the most positive way to end 2011.

Here's to a prosperous and joyful 2012 everyone!   And here's to saving even more lives and bringing furbabies and families together in the new year.

Katie and Trooper

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