Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Trooper had to be named Trooper

The week before Christmas, our group received an email from one of the vets we use about a little Min Pin that needed to find a rescue.   Turns out this little guy was actually hit by a car, paralyzed, and brought into the vet's office to be euthanized.   I don't know what made the vet decide to take a chance on him, but she decided to give him some time and see how he did.    I don't even know how long he had to hang in there, but I do know that when he started to recover she put the word out to see if a rescue would take him.

Because I have my little crazy Min Pin, TRex, I immediately called the vet's office to find out the sex and size of this dog.    There was a chance someone else in our group was going to take him, but I had already decided if nobody came forward I would take him in.    There was no way I was going to let a little dog that made it through so much spend Christmas alone.

I let JTK know about him and he was completely against bringing in another foster.   Luckily I realize I'm the adult in this family and I told the head of our group I'd foster him.     So, on Christmas Eve, I headed over to PetCo to meet her and bring him home with me.     The little man was pretty nervous and he wet all over himself in the crate.   But, that didn't matter so I bundled him up and headed home.    When JTK got home from his Dad's on that day his heart melted and he couldn't believe how cute he was and immediately was happy I decided to foster him.  :)

The name he came with was Squidward (as in Sponge Bob SquarePants)   ... but JTK loves to name the fosters so we wanted to see what would fit his personality.      This Min Pin was definitely doing better, but he hasn't 100% recovered and nobody is sure if he will.    He can lose his balance easily and topple over, but he does not give up.    He's got an unstoppable spirit and is a true sweetheart.     We went over to visit my Mom because Christmas Eve is her birthday and we brought our new foster with us.    While we were there, he hopped right up on her couch and JTK started talking about how amazing he is and said "He is such a trooper!"   So ... that is how he became named Trooper. 

Trooper is a fantastic foster - he's sweet, he's funny, he's playful, he's affectionate and he's housebroken!!  Can you believe it?   After suffering such a horrible accident, he actually holds it.   Some times he can make it up and down stops, but not always.    When he goes potty, he can fall over because he still wants to hike his leg.   He also  likes to do the tough boy kick afterward, which can send him toppling over too.   But he bounces right back up and doesn't miss a beat.

Everyone who has met Trooper falls in love with him.    We took him over to my brother & sister in law's house on Christmas and everyone was really taken with how cute he is and how sweet he is.   My friend, Katie, met him and fell totally in love with him.   If she didn't have her limit of animals, I know she would have adopted this cutie right away.

I'm sure Trooper will find a wonderful home and quickly - he certainly deserves it.    Pass the information on about Trooper and let's find him a great home.

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