Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Decide on a Home ...

One of the things I've learned in fostering is to really follow my gut instinct about a situation.    There have been times that I've gotten an application on a foster and everything looked perfect on paper.    It *should* be the best home for a foster dog, but there's something that makes me not want to adopt out to that person.     There have been a couple of times that I didn't listen to that gut instinct and came to regret it - luckily it wasn't a situation that couldn't be resolved.   Both times the dog came back to our group but I did feel a lot of guilt about allowing them to be in a home that I had misgivings about.     I always listen to that little voice these days - whether it's because someone uses a training method I don't believe in or if it's the tone of voice someone uses that I don't like, I can tell when I don't feel comfortable with my foster being adopted by someone.

Luckily I mostly get a really good feeling from someone - either in their emails, through a phone conversation or after meeting them in person.   It's hard to explain exactly what I'm talking about but there are little signs that are almost a certainty that this person will be a wonderful human for a foster that they're asking about.     A lot of times it's just being able to have a conversation with someone and hearing the sincerity in their voice and feeling comfortable with the exchange.

Debra contacted me last Friday about adopting Trooper - at first there was some discussion about her possibly fostering for the group.   But by Saturday she was completely smitten with the little guy and all thoughts of fostering had turned to adopting the little guy.     There were a couple of things that Debra did that made me feel  she would be a good home for Trooper.    First of all she called him "Lil Man" - when someone has a tendency to use little terms of endearment for a dog I like them instantly.   The other thing she did was send me a picture of her beloved dog, Sammy, she had recently lost.    When someone loves their dog so much they want to share pictures and stories, then they are definitely someone who I can trust.  

I've heard from Debra and things sound wonderful for she and Trooper.    I am so happy for the both of them - sometimes dogs and people find exactly who they  need in this lifetime.     I think Debra will help Trooper heal and recover from the trauma of the injuries and experience of his accident and I think Trooper will bring Debra a lot of love and joy.

This is her beloved Sammy, and I know he's playing over the Rainbow Bridge thankful that he had a  wonderful human in this world in Debra.     Thank you to people like Debra who love their furry family and help our group continue to save more dogs when they open their heart by adopting one of our fosters.

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