Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mohawk Mackie

My sweet little beloved foster, Mackie, has two people interested in her.     Tonight I called a really nice woman on the way home to talk to her and after I got off the phone I had to shed a few tears.  I really think Mackie is going to be finding a new home soon.     She's had so many people interested in her lately and the reason she didn't go home with them had more to do with me than with them.   However, when you talk to someone that sounds like they already have affection and empathy for a little dog they haven't even met ... it would be nearly impossible to say  no to them.   IF ... they decide to adopt her.   This household also has a male doxie named Henrick - Mackie does love her own breed!!

Just the other day JTK told me that maybe we should think about keeping Mackie because of how attached I've become to her and she to me.   The truth is, I simply do not have room for one more dog to keep as a perma.   I am completely at my limit - you have to start saying no sometime as a foster Mom.    :)    And I've said no a lot - I have to.   It's only when I start reach the 6 month point of having a foster that I have a little harder time with it.   I know it's the right decision, though, because I saw about 15-20 pictures of dogs today that need a foster home.   And we all know that isn't even the tip of the iceberg.    If Mackie finds a home, then I have room in my home for another foster.

I will miss this little girl with all my heart, though.   She's one of my favorite kind of fosters - one with a huge attitude, a lot of spirit and far from perfect.   I seem to bond with the foster dogs that have faced so much adversity and unhappiness in their lives yet they still manage greet each doy with  joy and abandon, without a care in the world.   Truth be told, I wish I could be more like these little warriors of life.   In this picture, you can Mackie's torn little ears - probably from years of having to endure fly bites with no relief or treatment.

We got some amazing news about Mackie about a month ago.   Our group has some extra funds and we had a number of XRays done on her to see why she has her crazy little walk.    It turns out our little girl was born with a BUNCH of crazy bones.   Her back legs are bowed, her knee sockets aren't quite aligned correctly, she has bowed ribs and she literally has a crooked spot in her spine.    All of these things contribute to why she walks very unconventionally.    Like any other dachshund, she does have a chance for disc issues and arthritis.    But for now, she's perfectly fine.    She's not in any pain and is she ever mobile!    Once again, these imperfections of such a sweet girl make her just ideal in my eyes.

And of the best things about Mackie is such a little clown   Every night around 9:00 she decides she needs to race around the house and gather as many toys as she possibly can.   Even better, if Cooper the big schnoodle of the house is in her way then she can bully  him and scare the crap out of him.   I literally almost peed my pants last night watching her chase Cooper around the house.   Here's a picture of him cuddling up to him, so you know she really loves him.   And he tolerates her like a naughty little sister.  

Everyone say a little prayer for Mackie that she finds a home this weekend and pray for me to have the insight to find the best home for her and the knowledge that saying goodbye is the only option.

I tried to get a good picture of Mackie's Mohawk because she definitely has a mohawk ... that's because this little girl is a rebel and unstoppable!!  In fact she's on the floor having a fit right now because I won't pick her up ... but every time I do she stomps on the laptop keyboard and ruins my blog.  :)  

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