Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mackie Has a New Home

Somewhere Out There   .... that's always the song I think of when a foster leaves that I have particularly loved.     Saying good bye to Mackie was tough ... tougher than I thought it would be.   I try to explain to myself why some foster's adoptions cause a torrent of tears.    Linda, in our group, said it best today when she said "Mackie's just special."

She has a boy doxie to boss a whole bunch of people to love her - I think her life will be wonderful and she'll forget me probably before my tears even dry.    And I have shed a lot of tears about Mackie today.     JTK has even asked me a couple of times if I'm ok and willingly gave me a hug - what a good kid he is. 

I haven't cried this hard about a foster in a long, long time and there's no way around it - it really sucks.   I've been thinking about it and I realized that I had intentionally changed the "type" of foster I had been choosing.    More often than not, I've been choosing fosters I thought would get adopted quickly because the longer I have them, the sadder I am to see them go.   

Mackie was with us for 5 months - shit that's close to 3.5 years in a dogs life no wonder I'm sad.

Happy life to Mackie and her new family - she deserves the best life and love has to offer her. 

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