Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you know what flour and dog spit make????

GLUE that's what ... OMG   We are still enjoying the pleasures of Leon's flour shaking fiasco of the other day.   There is still a fine coat of flour on various things and most of the dogs had some nice crusty whiskers and chins.    Who would even dream that dogs would madly eat flour off the floor?   I would have never even thought of that ... too bad I had to find that out for myself.  ha!  Of course, Natsumi and Leon were a little messier than most so tonight they had to be given a bath.     Can you see that disgusting glue stuck in Natsumi's face?  Natsumi was sooooo messy that I actually had to clip  her face hair while I was giving her a bath.  I couldn't get the flour/dog spit/glue out of her furry snout.    Of course, TRex was in the middle of the mix standing next to the bathtub and greedily gobbling up any hair clippings that came his way.     Dog hair AND flour mixed in ?? Now that is a treat right up TRex's alley.   I know .... eewwww   And best of all, I got soaking wet. But you know, after getting such a dreaded chore like that over I have a huge amount of relief!

Natsumi is still traumatized by her combination bath and impromptu hair clipping episode tonight.  Doesn't she look pitiful all wet?     It also takes her forever to dry off since she's got such thick hair.    I gave her a bath over two hours ago and she's still wet1   She hates her baths - I even cuddle her up in the bed afterward but she just shakes and shakes and shakes.   I think that's really common with a dog that didn't have a  home and didn't have the experience of receiving baths.    I'm not saying that dogs from loving homes enjoy baths, but there's this absolute terror that seems to come in dogs that are really unsure of the experience.    It probably doesn't help that she can't see.   My little Nachee was quite dramatic this evening.     I added a new picture of her on Petfinder tonight as well as a different profile .... fingers crossed.   This picture was taken by a group member for Mardi Gras and I love it - she said Natsumi reminded her of a muppet.   I bet she's jealous she didn't get to sing with Cee Lo Green.  ;)

I had to email the gentleman the other day that's interested in Leon and let him know that Leon has been acting quite puppyish lately since he'd be coming from Paducah, KY.    Considering he's a single, older man I just knew Leon wouldn't last 2 days in his house and then we'd have to go through the ordeal of getting Leon back.   Of course, I got an almost immediate email back ... thanks, but no thanks.  :) 

So tonight I changed Leon's profile on Petfinder - I'm hoping that'll do the trick to get his patootie adopted.  I hadn't been able to update it and I've changed it to include his active lifestyle.    Any runners or joggers out there?   Here's a dog that might help you train for a marathon without wearing out.   Please??  Really?  Sure you don't know someone???    haha I don't know how much longer JTK, myself and our 50 dogs can handle the furry, canine tornado known as Leon.  :)

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