Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Someone take this dog PLEASE

Whut?  Hoo?  Me?  No, seriously.  ME?
OMG .... Leon has turned into the nuttiest of nutty dogs in the past couple of days.   Yesterday, I got home from work and the house was just a mess.    Things were pulled off the coffee table, covers were drug into different rooms, one of the couch pillows had been partially de-stuffed and two previously whole cans of cat food had been retrieved from a high place and opened.     I figured that maybe because Joe was at his Dad's last night and Leon had to be without human companionship longer than he wanted to he flipped out.   Not so much - Joey got home today around 2:40 and guess what Leon had found?   An unopened (NO LONGER) bag of flour.   Yes, we have flour from one end of the house to the other.    It's all over everything ... have you ever tried cleaning up a bag of flour?   JTK did a great job before I got home, but there's a thin layer of flour on everything.    Plus, all the dogs traipsed through it and then chose to plop their flour covered paws on anything with a dark surface.   I found my dresser with a door open and big white paws planted alllllll over a pair of casual pants I have.     Suzie and TRex both have apparently buried their faces in the flour because they have partial partial white faces.   Besides being  impossible to clean, flour is pretty slippery too!   ugh

Leon is in serious puppy mode and with the crummy weather we haven't been playing with him as much as he needs to be played with.    True, we try to throw the tennis ball in the house but living in a small house the round trip isn't that long.  ;)    Leon has someone interested in him in Paducah, KY.    The gentleman is so kind but I'm worried without a dog companion and/or a kid to play with Leon will become even more of a terror than he has been here the past couple of days.   Puppies are not so bad to handle, it's when the puppy is big and can get places I'm not used to, that's when it turns into trouble for me.   ::sigh::  

Leon went to his first adoption event on Sunday and he was beside himself with wanting the other dogs to pay attention to him and play.     Nobody was really interested in playing, though, so Leon proceeded to do this horrible high/shrieky bark for the majority of our time there.   I knew I would only be there a short time and am I ever relieved.   egads   He's a sweet dog but he seriously needs some training.    One woman who met him pointed out that he'd be an excellent agility dog.   Now that's my goal for Leon's future - for someone to take the time to train him and focus all his energy and excitement.

Flour Mess

After the fiasco of yesterday I figured I would start crating Leon. I let my dogs have the run of the house because they don't tear stuff up and they're pretty laid back. But I am not up for coming home to a new and exciting HUGE mess every day so Leon will be crated.    Unfortunately, I could not get my patootie out of bed and was running to late to get it set up.    Lesson learned!

Today was just one of those days ... right before I left work I realized I missed something on a loan application.    It's a purchase and the condominium project has 50% of it rented out, making it out to be a "condotel" and it's ineligible for financing.    Meaning, a  purchase closing that was supposed to close next Wednesday is not closing at all.   Great way to start my working relationship with my new loan officer, eh?    I found out about 10 mins before I left for the day so decided to put that drama off until tomorrow.   If you have a minute, think good thoughts for me ok? :)

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