Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leon's Future Brother?

I've been in contact with a nice, out of state about Leon who happens to love Cocker Spaniels.  She adopted this cutie pie named Jackson last summer from a Cocker Spaniel rescue.    Sometimes when you simply email someone  I can tell if I'll like them as a person or not.  Courtney is great and I'm really hoping that she and Leon hit it off.     When I tell her crazy, silly stories about Leon it doesn't phase her - in fact she usually comes back with a similar one about Jackson.

Courtney will be in town from Thursday through Saturday for a Friday night concert at the Fox.   We'll be meeting at City Garden Saturday morning since she's staying downtown.   I am so excited!  Joe is with his Dad this weekend but I requested his presence because I think he helps me and the dog with these adoption meet and greets.

She has a beautiful, fenced in back yard, she feeds Jackson high quality food, she currently  has a young and playful Cocker Spaniel and she knows the breed.    Wow - doesn't this sound perfect??    The only drawback is that she's out of state and I have to admit it can be scary to let a foster go hundreds of miles away.    But in those cases I always make sure to contact references and tell them over and over again the dog will need to come back to our group.    When I called her vet reference and told them her name, they immediately knew she was Jackson's human.    That is such a good sign to me.

Sometimes when a person is thinking about adopting a foster of mine, it can almost feel like waiting for a man to call!   I didn't hear from her last weekend and I thought "Oh no, she's no longer interested."   What a familiar feeling.   Then I found out she was considering another Cocker Spaniel and I was heartbroken.   But you know what, I really appreciate it when people are honest and let me know what's going on.    (But isn't that true for life in general!?)     After I found out about the cocker she looked at yesterday she told me soon afterward that he had already been adopted.   I have to think this is a good sign for Leon!!    I would have been happy if she had adopted the other cocker too ... turns out this 7 year old boy came from a Missouri puppymill.    ugh

Let's everyone wish the best for Leon, Jackson and Courtney.    I will rreeally miss Leon - he's such a fun little nut.    But his possible home sounds like a dream come true for this once unwanted boy.

Today was a really rough day at work ... I got called into the office and got to listen to a list of mistakes I made on a loan.    I knew it was going to be a crap day as soon as I read my emails at 7:30 this morning.   I even printed one out and had my friend read it.   She tried to reassure me but I knew what was to come.   ::sigh::    The sucky thing is I still don't think I did anything wrong ... it was a matter of interpreting our policies and I'm proud to say I stuck up for myself.   By the end of the meeting I did get a couple of positive comments from two of my bosses and they realized I wasn't being a total irresponsible slacker but it still really really sucked big time. 

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