Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everybody Loves Mardi Gras!

Today we went to Soulard to watch The Begggin' Strips St. Barkus pet parade.     We met up with Katie, Dan, Niko and Velmal!   We took Suzie and Tina with us because we thought they'd be the best behaved of our bunch and they appreciate going out so much.    I decided to pull JTK's old wagon out from underneath the house storage area to cart the girls around in.     Joey got this as a 1st birthday present and hasn't used it in a VERY long time but I'd never gotten rid of it.   We knew that Suzie and Tina wouldn't be able to walk too far and for anyone that's ever been to a pet parade - it's pretty much a guarantee there will be quite a bit of walking.   We were really worried whether or not they would stay in the wagon or if they'd keep attempting to jump out.    Well, apparently Suzie and Tina were relieved that we were finally treating them like the princesses they deserve to be treated as.   It was hilarious - they were absolutely 100% content in the wagon and seemed to have no intention of getting out.   At one point I got a little nervous because they very well might decide this will be their only mode of transportation in the future.  :)

They were just beyond adorable - so many people commented on how cute they were and a couple of people even had to take pictures.    We were sitting in a shady area, so we had them snuggled up in blankets.   A couple of kids tried to pet Tina which is a good way to lost a finger ...,But we were able to monitor their behavior and warn most the kids off.   Isn't it odd that Tina will gladly be pet by an adult but a kid comes over to her and she starts snappin those jaws!!

I was trying to get a good picture of Katie holding Niko at the parade and when I got home, I realized Dan was in the background holding Velma.   Are they two of the most spoiled dachshunds around?   Of course they are - they have their own doggie strollers which are unbelievably cute.    While we were waiting for them, it was one of the sweetest sights to see them roll up in their strollers!    That's probably one of my favorite things about the pet parade - you get a million smiles out of the day.   And if you're lucky some dog treats (we were) and some beads (we weren't.)    Velma decided she wanted to be part of the doxie wagon so she climbed up on my lap and crawled into the wagon.   It was so cute - she is such a funny little stinker.

It's so fun watching the parade and we were really lucky the weather cooperated.   We couldn't have asked for a much nicer day in February!  I am always amazed at how much time and energy people put into having their pets in the parade. Two of my favorites were a woman dressed up as a bunny with her dog in an Easter basket on wheels and then this dog in jail. I don't think you can read the signs but one says "Convicted of eating cats" and the other one says "Cats ... the other white meat." Now, you know I love cats - but that is still hilarious.   People make costumes, they create modes of transportation, they dye their white dog's hair, they have the whole family dress up in a theme, and they even bring goats and bunnies!  

We are all sooooo tired though.    Tina was snoozing on the couch this afternoon and she was actually snoring.   She usually saves her snoring sounds for night time deep sleep, but she was tuckered out.  I love this picture - Joey carted Tina and Suzie around all day.   He was a perfect sport about it and didn't complain once.    

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