Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I need 50 Dogs

Joey's Dad took him to Indiana tonight because they're having a big Pokemon extravaganza and celebration for an upcoming game launch.  I knew it was a possibility they would go this weekend but 30 minutes before I was supposed to pick him up after work, his Dad called me and said not only were they going but they'd be leaving tonight!!   I know I'm somewhat of a clingy Mom, but I was surprised at how sad I was that I wouldn't be spending the evening with my little man.    He is such a jabber jaw - sometimes I just need 5 minutes of silence to catch my breath.    Last night was one of those nights.    I try to remind myself that one day I'll be missing that little voice talking and talking and talking about things I don't really understand or want to understand but I need an evening like this to really put things in perspective.    I saw this saying once and I think it's particularly true for single parents ... The Days are Long but the Years Fly By.     ::sigh::

Joe is SOOOO excited about going to Indiana and he informed me today that this is a once in a lifetime event!!  :)  Pokemon Black and White are about to be released in America in March.    But me being the cool Mom that I am - I actually ordered him the Japanese version for Christmas.    He's loved it and he's figured it out by using online tutorials.   Smart Kid!!!   But he's still in an absolute frenzy to get the English version even though he's very disappointed in the English names vs. the Japanese names of the pokemon characters.    ha   He is so opinionated.   I keep telling myself that trait is really going to help him out as he gets older, but as his Mom it sure does present some challenges.    I'll miss him this weekend, but I'm so happy for him.   It's something that he's really been looking forward to and there's nothing more than a Mom wants than for her kid to be happy.

My niece and her family are also getting ready to move to Hawaii to be with her Dad (my brother)   Trust me, I've tried to talk Joe's Dad into moving to Hawaii but he will not agree to it.   Just as well ... dogs aren't as prevalent as they are here on the mainland.   I'll miss my niece and great nice and great nephew.   My other great niece already flew over there last month.    I wish Joey were here to see them before they leave Mighty MO.     My family feels so small.   My Dad passed away, my nephew passed away, I got divorced and my brother and sister in law moved away.     No wonder I have so many dogs around - I've got big old holes of family to fill up.    Now with Wendy and her kids moving - that means I'll need to get THREE more dogs.  ;)  

Here's a favorite picture of mine of TRex.   It was taken about a month ago because he's had a couple of different shirts on in the meantime.  :)    I love his expression on this one - he really is a gentle little soul that had to spend too much of his life fighting to survive.    I'll be taking TRex to the adoption event tomorrow.   He is SUCH a handful, but everyone enjoys seeing him so much.    One of my friends in the group told me once that she felt so many people in the group would be saddened if he got adopted.    That made me feel special in an odd way.  :)

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  1. Bwahahaha, Rex's pic looks like his response to saying that you needed 3 more dogs. LOL, he's such a card!