Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funloving Leon and Joe

Wow, looking pretty sophisticated in that stance!
Joe and Leon are having the best time together.   It helps that the past couple of days have been so beautiful because they've been able to go outside and play together.       Before dinner, JTK was so pleased with himself because he actually wore Leon out.   But guess what - within an hour they were both raring to go again.  This is a beautiful picture of Leon - too bad you can see my scratched up back door in the background.   ::sigh::  I guess when you have 50 dogs - your door is going to get scratched up.    Who wants to volunteer to help me paint it this spring?? :)   Leon knows that  Joe will chase him to get a toy so  he won't come to him.    Here he is with a tennis ball in his mouth - he's out of the pound and running around with a tennis ball that squeaks.   Man, life is good for Leon!!    He knows I won't chase, though, and he will return with a toy if I say "Bring me that toy!" :)  

It was really fun watching JTK and Leon play  and I was able to get a picture of Joe sincerely smiling!  YAY    Those are priceless.   Sometimes I think people think I'm crazy because I have so many more pictures of dogs than I do my son, but the dogs cooperate much more readily.    This past December when we were at lunch with some friends I had my new camera and I kept trying to get a picture of Joey.    Well, guess what?  The camera flashes a red beam that lets you know it's about to go off - with or without flash!  From then on, I've been doomed in trying to get some good pictures of Joey where he's not intentionally acting up.   I love this picture as well because he's wearing a great tshirt he got for Christmas from Janet. It is one of the coolest Harry Potter tshirts I've ever seen - it says MUGGLE in giant letters with the Harry Potter lightning bolt making up part of the letter "M". It was such a cool gift and Joey loves it.    Don't both Joey and Leon look happy???   I know he loves his old lady dogs, but there's nothing like playing in your back yard with a rambunctious young one.

DAMN YOU Leon!!!!!!!
Joey and Leon were having a blast, but poor TRex was beside himself with rage.  I don't think anything makes TRex much angrier than him being inside while someone is outside having fun.   The really hilarious thing, though, is that the door is generally open but TRex is so busy standing on the back of the futon barking and complaining that he never figures out that the door is open and he's free to go outside as well.    It's actually really funny.   Here's a shot of TRex being totally irritated at the world - but looking pretty cute in a white tshirt.    True, it's a Valentine's day shirt but it's too warm for his toasty sweaters today.

Leon got his name because Joe named him after a computer voice program that I got him for Christmas.   He loves this thing called "Vocaloid" where you can create music with a synthesized voice.    Leon is one of the few English speaking versions and I was able to order it through a great online company called Sweetwater.    They had the best customer service I've ever dealt with - they're a music supply company which is too bad because if they sold other electronics I would exclusively use them.    When I placed my order, they actually emailed and called me to thank me for the order.  They had to order it from Japan, so it took a long time to arrive so we didn't get it until after Christmas.   I couldn't order it any sooner since I'd been unemployed so long!   But I think it made even more of an impression on him because it came in boring January.      He's been fascinated with Vocaloid for a while and this is the first generation of "voices" so it's more computerized sounding than current versions.     So ... this is how Leon got his name.   Joey always puts a lot of thoughts in his names and I can't tell you how relieved I am that I can actually pronounce it.   I think Joey is too.  :)

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