Monday, February 21, 2011

Night Without Leon

We dropped Leon off today for a grooming at the vet's office, and he's staying overnight to get his neuter surgery done tomorrow.   I just HATE HATE HATE HATE putting dogs that have recently been in a shelter or mill back into an environment where they're in a cage and surrounded by other dogs in cages.   Poor Leon probably thinks he's right back at the pound.    I feel really sad for him tonight - I actually can't believe how miserable I feel about all of this.   He's only been around a week, in my mind I know he'll be adopted quickly so I can prevent myself from falling completely in love with him.   BUT I miss the little dude and I hate how much time he's having to spend in a cage today and tomorrow.   ::sigh::    I bought him a new 3-pack of Kong squeaker tennnis balls on Saturday and they were already all lost by yesteday.     One thing that was crazy is I had one still sitting in its packaging on my kitchen table, and he gently lifted it off the table and was playing with it in the middle of the night on Saturday.   I am having a very hard time getting used to how tall Leon is when he stands on his hind feet.   There's not much he couldn't reach.

No matter how much I hate it having Leon gone for the night - TRex and the rest of the gang are thrilled with a Leon respite.    He seriously can drive them crazy, but you know what?   I think he's grown on everyone in the house except TRex.    Don't you just love how consistent TRex is?   I don't think I'm ever surprised by his opinion.   :)    He can barely keep his eyes open - he's so exhausted from being infuriated constantly by Leon's presence.

Look at these two pictures - Leon at top, looking happy and carefree.    TRex on the bottom looking somewhat homicidal with his eyes in little slits.   Two dogs on the opposite ends of the dog spectrum - a little short haired dog (TRex) who thinks he's the size of a mastiff and with a major attitude to boot.    While the other end (Leon) is a fluffy, bigger boy with a  love and zest for life who thinks he's the size of a chihuahua.  :)    Don't they say variety is the spice of life?? 

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