Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well,that CAN'T be a good thing

CRAP  I pulled up to my house tonight via the alley and saw that my back door was WIDE open.   For those of you who know me, this is not the first time this has happened.   It IS the first time it's happened on a decent weather wise day with a shitload of dogs staying at my house.     Most sane people would be freaked out that anything might be stolen, or there might be a burglar lurking in my house.   Not me since I have a couple of good ol completely "psycho towards strangers" dogs at my house.   All together now let's name one  ... TREX!!!    I'm actually more worried my neighbor was outside taking pictures of the number of dogs I have.    I guess we'll see in 2-3 weeks how well behaved they were unsupervised and free to the outdoors.   Because about that time I should be receiving a door tag from the City Health Department.   sigh     I was hoping to get enough money back from my tax return this year to pay for a privacy fence, but that aint gonna happen.      What makes it worse is that I got home REALLY late tonight - like around 8:30.

Whenever I'm gone too long the dogs pretty much act like unsupervised kindergartners.    I came in to a house with pillows everywhere, covers everywhere, my PJs and socks strewn about and my favorite - two dog beds were stacked one inside the other.   How the heck did they pull that one off???   What is it about people clothes to some dogs?  In this case, TRex uses my pjs or other clothes as almost a security blanket.   I had to quit letting him come into the bathroom while I'm taking a shower because while I'm cleaning up he'll pull my clean clothes down and cocoon himself in them.   THEN he proceeds to lick my legs and feet.  eeeewwww  I love my dogs, but that totally goobs me out.

CHOW DOWN Suzie Girl
Of course with their evening meal being about three excruciating hours late, everyone was starved.   Here's a funny pic of Suzie licking out the inside of a dog food can.   You think PetSmart would give me some cash if I posted it on their FB page since it's their own brand?    It's called Authority and it is my favorite brand of canned dog food.   The texture of the ground food is perfect for mixing in with dry food, it's high quality and the dogs love it.   It's not cheap, though, just because it's a store brand -  it's about $1.00 a can.
I have to admit it's a crappy end to a crappy day.   I had my 3rd dentist appointment tonight regarding my root canal/crown.   And it was the worst yet - they were literally drilling into my gum to make room for the damn crown and then they gave me some chick that has to be a dominatrix in her spare time because she was NOT nice and seemed to enjoy inflicting pain.     She gouged into my gums with one of those dental picks, continued to have me open WIDER AND WIDER while she'd turn her ass around and do something else.   And most annoying,  she couldn't figure out how to do the damn mold thing so I had to endure that literally 6 times.   I'm not a claustrophobic person, but that completely wigs me out because I'm convinced my teeth are going to be glued together and I won't be able to breathe, and of course die....   AND she kept me upside down for the entire thing.   It sucked - I was actually lying to her and telling her my temporary crown felt great just to get away from the sadist.

Thank goodness I have the sweetie pie dogs to come home to.   Joe's with his Dad tonight because I'm usually in no condition to be a halfway decent mother after a trip to a dentist office.   I'm too feeling sorry for myself and pissed at the world.  ;)     I can't help but smile, though, when I see the gang.   Tonight when Leon saw me outside the fence (because I had to come in the back you know!!) he started whining he was so relieved I was home.    Whether it was for my company or my opposable thumbs that help feed him, I'm not sure.    Here he is looking pretty cute next to a toy we've dubbed the zombie duck - it makes real bird sounds and every time Leon thinks he's killed it ... it comes back to life with more chirps and cheeps and drives him a little batty.  :)

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