Friday, February 25, 2011

What an Influence Leon is on the Gang

Wow - Leon's presence is really seeming to affect the behavior of the other dogs.   I wonder what it is?   Is it because he's so happy and carefree that they feel inspired by him?   Or is it plain old jealousy that makes everyone want to pull attention away from him? :)     They all seem to be either horrified by him or in awe of him.     Leon is just fun to have around.     He's really interested in only a few things - attention, playing and eating.     Here he is taking over Joe's bed and enjoying resting a toasty electric blanket while Joey is at his mercy.  :)

Hopper has become Mr. Affectionate - jumping on laps and wanting attention and love.   Even as a puppy Hopper was a grumpy old man so this is really fun to see.    I mean, he's ASKING for attention - amazing!  He's also playing with toys a lot more.    The couple of days that Leon was gone, Hopper picked up, in his mouth, every one of the toys that Leon had played with and gave them all a serious shake!  

TRex is even playing too - look at this picture.   Isn't it hilarious??   TRex happens to like this small little  squeaky balls, but being the perfect head case that he is - he hides everything around the house.  Apparently, Leon has found all of TRex's hidden stash of tennis balls and is TRex ever annoyed.    Look how serious he is about getting this one back. 

Leon has some serious "puppyish" tendencies, including his belief that anything not nailed down must be played with, carried around the house and chewed up a bit.   You wouldn't believe the number of things I've found transported from room to room thanks to Leon - he ruined my favorite brand of hair mousse and he also moved my remote!   I'm not hallucinating or anything - the TV remote from the living room was on my bed, with teeth marks.    Glory be to God that it still works because I would have seriously freaked out if I couldn't DVR anymore.   When I saw the remote I said in an exasperated voice, "YOU GUYS!!"  And JTK said to me "What are you saying 'you guys'?   You know it was Leon."    As usual what a smart cookie I have.

When I come home at night, there are two things I've found in my bed every night since Wednesday.   ONE a roll of toilet paper and TWO one of my winter Crocs.     The other day Leon ran outside with a roll of toilet paper and I had to chase him down.   Can you imagine being T-P'd by a dog? ;)

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