Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dachshund Dens

Suzie Chillin' in the Doxie De
This past weekend I was trying to finish up the last of the unpacked boxes from our fire fiasco earlier in the summer.     First of all, I have about 4 boxes still lying around the house after all of my hard work and I have not even started in on the wall hangings. (which are YES in cardboard!)     I better get it in gear or it'll be Christmas and I still won't have my photographs and paintings hung.
The different companies that were used for restoring our items had different types of boxes.   The absolute best boxes came from the Garment Restoration company.    This is the company that cleaned our clothes, stuffed animals, bedding, and window treatments.    Their boxes are really sturdy and a perfect size.    At one point when I was unpacking, I posted a comment on Facebook that you know you have the potential to be a hoarder when you're contemplating keeping some really nice cardboard boxes.   Well, these are the boxes I was referring to.  :)    I got myself under control that day and tossed them into the recycling bin but my son is another story.

Cooper can't believe he's not invited ....
JTK met up with these same boxes this past weekend.    While my back was turned  he took scissors to said boxes and created two hideaway dachshund dens for Suzie and Tina.    It was really sweet.   He made sure to fill them up with lots of soft blankets to snuggle on and under.   Joey was so proud of himself - it was really sweet.    So, we now have two  fairly large boxes that probably aren't going anywhere.    It's pretty ironic considering that it has been my purpose in life for the past month - to get all of the boxes out of my house.  :)   Can you say fail???

Suzie loves the dens most of all - and when she gets in there and burrows under the covers, she sends all the rest of the dogs into a jealous frenzy.   These pictures show a progression of dogs peering in at her jealously last night.    It makes me laugh.   Suzie refused to give them the time of day, though, proving to them how much she belongs in the dachshund den.

Tina acts like she's going to crawl right in while TRex looks on
The dogs and I are really lucky to have such a great kid in our lives.    Work has been really, really, really awful.   I'm so used to being the person who excels at work, who is one of the most treasured employees and bursting with confidence that I can accomplish things other people can't.    I don't understand my work environment, it's really upsetting.    It seems the powers at be, on a daily basis, want to make sure I don't feel very secure in my position or abilities.    I'm not someone with a ton of self esteem, but I've pretty much never lacked it regarding my intelligence or my value as an employee.   I wonder if it's the economy and losing a couple of jobs in as much time?  I wonder if it's some sort of training program?    What's funny, there are a few people who have left the company I work for and they think I've phenomenal at my  job.   Isn't that strange?  

Literally, thank God I have such a great kid to come home to and a house that's filled with goofball dogs that make me laugh.    Even if it's hard to face the day at work, I keep  reminding myself  that raising  a child and helping save a dog's life counts for a lot more in the scheme of things than other situations that have to be faced.

Mackie wants in too!

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