Monday, September 12, 2011

Doggie Reunion!

This weekend our group had its first annual reunion and barkfest.    What a fantastic idea - Becky worked so hard to put it together and it was a blast.  I couldn't believe how many people showed up with dogs that had previously been fostered by our group.

We all got to see some of our old fosters and if we were lucky, they remembered us and gave us big old kisses!   I can always count on my dear Calypso (now Velma) to remember me.   Her Mom and Dad, Katie and Dan, have been so diligent about bringing her to visit me.    I also got to see Piko who got adopted back in July and he immediately hopped up in my lap and gave me oodles of kisses.   ::sigh::  I almost cried.   :)    I got to see a beautiful doxie now named Heidi and the great silly boy currently known as Charlie.   Neither of them had a clue who I was, but boy did they seem happy and loved and that's what counts.

We had our event at The Watering Bowl and the dogs were allowed to play and roam freely in the doggie day care area.    We also had pawdicures, free refreshments and pictures for a small fee.    Jeanette ended up taking photos because a few people were to sick to come in and she announced to all of us that she had no photographic skills.   Isn't it funny that she ended up taking one of my favorite pictures ever of Jingle?   That's her handiwork at the top of the page.    It was beautiful weather and it was nice to be with people who are like minded.

At one point I was looking around and it struck me at how spoiled and loved all of these dogs now are.    All of these dogs were at one time unwanted, neglected, discarded or treated as livestock.   How amazing to see so much happiness on the faces of people and to see so many dogs that had rocky lives now living in the lap of luxury.                                   
 We heard from so many people after the shindig about how much fun not only they had, but how much fun their dogs had as well.   Everyone was commenting how wore out they were after the fun filled afternoon.    Here's a picture of an adoptable and very lovable dog with our group who decided he'd had so much fun he needed to take a nap in the middle of a herd of chihuahuas.  :)
If a day like that didn't re energize my desire to volunteer in rescue, I don't know what would.    I've already requested my next foster - hopefully I'll be getting him or her in the next week.  

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