Friday, September 30, 2011

What a way to end September!

Today was one of the craziest days EVER for me.   Yesterday I went on a job interview because if you haven't been able to tell I've been utterly miserable at my current position.   I know someone that works there and she just raves about them so I figured I'd check it out.   Well I had a great vibe about the people I interviewed with and wanted the position so badly I couldn't believe it.   This is not the only interview I've been on lately but this definitely the only one where I felt I would fit in and be successful.   I can't remember the last time I had a job interview and WANTED the job - not just needed it to survive. 

I met Velma's Mom for dinner last night (Kati) and she kept telling me to send positive energy toward the position because I told her how much I wanted it.   She's a smart cookie - well she'd have to be to adopt one of my fosters.  :)

I got a text from my friend at US Bank around 2:30 to call her boss - turned out she'd been trying to get me on my home phone since 11:30!!  And, yep, I got the job.   Man it is so nice to willingly leave a job and find a new one instead of being scared and frightened and depserately needing a job.  

WOOHOO Party on Garth!!!!

So, I'm in this extreme crazy place in my mind - you know one of those moments of feeling so much  relief and being utterly smug that you're not going to have to be stuck in an awful situation any more?   It's one of those times when you feel like you can do anything - and you're willing take chances and live life to the fullest.     This is the mood I was in when I received a call from Boomer.   She had just spent an hour in the middle of Manchester in Ballwin trying to save a dog that was darting in and out of traffic.    The dog was too terrified to come to her and actually was grazed by a car (knocked over even!) and then ran into a car himself.   Then, an employee with Dobbs and about 4 police cars had to help her out in order to corral this dog. 

After a very long time, they were able to save this guy's life.    But not before Boomer got so frustrated with a west county snob who was honking at her that she chose to kick the beeeocches bumper!  I love that story - Boomer is so awesome.   Kicking someone's car in the name of saving a dog.   She rocks!!

Boomer goes through all this emotional distress, they save the guys life and then he's about to be carted off to the pound ... he's in very rough shape with extremely matted hair, burrs stuck in his fur and a very prominent ribcage.   Boomer called me to see if I could find someone for a 25 lb dog, so I sent a message to our group leader and she said if I could find someone I could let the group take him.   Of course, I couldn't find anyone so when Boomer called back I told her I'd go ahead and take him - even though 25 lbs is on the big size of a dog for me.

While I was at work, there was all sorts of serious craziness going on - unbeknownst to me two other people had planned on quitting today so I was the 3rd one who went and broke the news.    Maybe that's why they needed to get in a  couple of jabs at me?   Ah well who cares - see ya!  Wouldn't wanna be ya!!! 

Then Boomer gives me a call and said she misjudged the size of this dog and I have to admit my first thought was "Oh shit, what did I just get myself into?"  But I told her that it was no problem because I was taking next week off so it wouldn't be too hard to manage a bigger dog.  A little after I gave my notice I was told that today would be my last day since I had vacation planned for next week and that it was in the best interest of the branch for me to just go ... whatever   

Boomer had to pick up her hubby from the airport and she said she'd meet me in WestPort where I workED so I'm sitting in the parking lot after I had to turn in all my stuff - parking pass, keys, etc, and up rolls Boomer and Brett.    When they opened up their hatch and introduced me to the new boy, he was even bigger than I imagined!!   But he's so good - he rides in a car perfectly.

I have an appointment for him tomorrow to get a seriously grooming which means he'll probably be shaved and he'll also be vaccinated.   He's being so laid back toward all my loud yippy dogs and he's leaving the cat alone too.   He's a beautiful dog under all those mats. 

We can't decide on his name, though.   Boomer suggested Kevin, I suggested Manny (because of being found on Manchester) and Joey wants Jorge ... God knows why.   But now I'm thinking we should go with a Cardinal name to commemorate our wildcard spot.    Send me your suggestions!!!

Don't forget to watch Channel 5 tomorrow morning at 9:00 - a few of our dogs are going to be stars of the morning including Mackie.

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