Saturday, December 4, 2010

Burton went to his new home last night

Burton with his Mom
WOW - two dachshund boys adopted in two consecutive nights.     I have to say, I was crazy about the woman who adopted him.     She was very sweet in her emails and her references just raved about her.    Then, last night she had this beautiful necklace that had the photo of her beloved Brandy who had passed away on it.    It was a stunning necklace - it wasn't a photo, but kind of an engraving/transfer on silver.    If anyone wears a necklace with the picture of their dog on it - they're a great person in my book.  :)

Alas, it was a very hard goodbye.  I cried all the way home.    He's got a big personality so his presence will be greatly missed.     As usual, the home he's going to will be better than the home I can provide him.    The Dad of the house is retired and will be home most of the time.   Burton has two playful Westies and a lab to share his life and energy with.     I'm a single Mom with limited resources so he will be very spoiled and not want for anything.  :)

I don't think I'm going to bring a new foster in for a while.    I've gotten way too attached to the last few that got adopted and I think I need an emotional break.   I'm thinking because I didn't have a job and I spent so much time with these dogs is one of the reasons.   Also, everyone knew that Burton was going to be especially hard to say goodbye to.   We had the experience of him being hospitalized for a week and surviving Parvo.     A couple of people had commented to me in the last months or so that an experience like that really creates a bond between you and the foster.     But you know, there's so much need.    A life or death notification might come across my email and I'll have to say yes to another foster right now instead of after the new year.

I know that my job was to literally save Burton's life.   If I hadn't gotten him out of the pound the day I did and didn't get him to the vet when I did, Burton would have never survived.   The amount of joy I have from that knowledge really helps slow the tears.   :)  I played a very important role in Burton's life and he's important in mine.    But part of my job is letting him go to a home where he will be THE dog instead of a foster dog as our director, Ellen, likes to say. 

PPPPPPTTTT to doxie boys!!
Today is Holiday Magic which we will now be taking Suzie and Tine to instead of Burton and Bonham.  :)   Natsumi will also be going and I believe someone might be interested in her.    Wouldn't that be amazing if she were adopted today???    Because of the change in cast of characters, Joey and I had to make sure we bought Christmas outfits for Suzie and Tina last night.    They are going to be so cute!!  I can't wait to get pictures of them.

Oh yeah, TRex is THRILLED that the doxie boys are gone.   He is just running around and playing and telling us to never, ever let any more male dachshunds into the house.  ;)

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