Sunday, December 5, 2010

Talk About Festivus!

Wow we had a seriously festive and Christmas-ey filled weekend.   Yesterday we attended Holiday Magic downtown which is such a blast.    Suzie and Tina ended up subbing for the two doxie boys that were adopted and we also took Natsumi.   Natsumi was a little star - people were asking about her even on Friday!   There were some people seriously interested in her and a couple took my phone number and email address.    One lady was so entranced with her she had her grand daughter come over and take some snapshots on her professional camera.    Someone also emailed me last night who wasn't even at Holiday Magic.    I put this pink bow in her hair and a bow in a dogs hair makes people go nuts!   There was someone filming the festivities and when they came over to our booth I said "Natsumi" in my high pitched voice and she immediately popped up and did her cute "hanging over the XPen" thing.   She was looking so cute and I heard the guys filming  as they were walking away "Now that's your money right there!"   There was a pet parade on the stage and on the way to the stage people kept stopping me so they could pet this teddy bear come to life.    Afterward  it was even worse, I was totally mobbed by people wanting to pet her!!   As Joey told Michel (the other volunteer manning our booth with us) that I was left behind because Natsumi was busy signing autographs for all of her fans. ;)  

JTK and my nephew Tristan went with us.   We had soooo much fun - it's really a cool event.   I heard rumors that starting next year it will be free!    I bought some a couple of Christmas presents, a beautiful dog bed and a wooden decorative bone that says "A spoiled Schnoodle lives here."  I also got two doxie ornaments and had them personalized with Suzie and Tina's names on them.     Michel bought some wonderful inserts for her shoes and JTK and Tristan rode the free rides.    We couldn't have had more fun.   One thing we didn't try out was the indoor skating rink.    Too fun!   We had a great time last year and we've been looking forward to going again for quite a while.

Suzie and Tina were a huge hit too because I dressed them in matching, Holiday dresses.   Who can resist two old dachshunds dressed kind of like Mrs. Claus?     They really do love dressing up.  I think with their previous owner that donning clothes meant a car ride or something similar.    They get SO excited when I put clothes on them and Tina usually RUNS with joy.   Seriously, Tina is one fast little tubby dachshund when she wants to be.     When they were introduced on the stage for the pet parade the emcee asked "Are they really 12?"    They sure are, I always say if it weren't for their grey faces nobody would believe they were as old as they are.

Today we put up our Christmas tree.    We bought it yesterday morning and let it settle before putting the decorations on today.   Joey has grown up so much.   He CARRIED the tree for me and he now regularly puts the angel on top.   It was just a few years ago that he could hardly even reach higher branches to put ornaments on.   ::sigh::    

In with our decorations, I found a great dog hat that I had to put on Cooper.   He hates it - it drives him crazy but doesn't he look cute?   My Mom came over to watch us put up the tree and she brought her dog Foxie Roxie with her.   I put these bells on her legs and her neck and she immediately kicked them off.   My Mom was horrified that I would put anything like that on her sweet and sassy old lady dog!    All dogs should be dressed up from time to time!

It was  a great weekend but I have to admit I'm worn out.   With Bonham and Burton being adopted, going to Holiday Magic and putting up our tree ... wow.   I need to go to work tomorrow to get some rest.  Ha Ha


  1. Kim what an awesome weekend! The gals look super cute! I can't believe i didnt have time to go to Holiday Magic! booooo it sounds like sooo much fun and I love the ornaments, i would have gone just for that to get one for my little baby!

  2. It sounds like you had a great time. The ornaments are soooo cute! Wish I could've gone.